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I felt like writing about a time when I was probably, and I think all of us are, the happiest in our lives-before the obligations start in. - Neil Simon

In our time political speech and writing are largely the defence of the indefensible. - George Orwell

For me, writing is foremost a mode of thinking and, when it works well, an act of discovery. - Joseph Epstein

Go on writing plays, my boy, One of these days one of these London producers will go into his office and say to his secretary, 'Is there a play from Shaw this morning?' and when she says, 'No,' he will say, 'Well, then we'll have to start on the rubbish.' And that's your chance, my boy. - George Bernard Shaw

I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done. - Steven Wright

An exquisite invention this, Worthy of Love's most honeyed kiss, This art of writing billet-doux, In buds, and odours, and bright hues! In saying all one feels and thinks In clever daffodils and pinks; In puns of tulips; and in phrases, Charming for their truth, of daisies. - James Henry Leigh Hunt

If a writer knows enough about what he is writing about, he may omit things that he knows. The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one ninth of it being above water. - Ernest Hemingway

While clothes with pictures and, or writing on them are not entirely an invention of the modern age, they are an unpleasant indication of the general state of things, I mean, be realistic. If people don't want to listen to you what makes you think they want to hear from your sweater? - Fran Lebowitz