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It's very hard to be a gentleman and a writer. - W. Somerset Maugham

His father, Vincent, took him to La Coupole in Paris and, after sitting on the terrace for a while, walked off and forgot him. It was the perfect start in life for a writer. - Anatole Broyard

In utter loneliness a writer tries to explain the inexplicable. - John Steinbeck

The critical opinions of a writer should always be taken with a large grain of salt. For the most part, they are manifestations of his debate with himself as to what he should do next and what he should avoid. - Wystan Hugh Auden

Plagiarize: To take the thought or style of another writer whom one has never, never read. (The Devil's Dictionary) - Ambrose Bierce

I consider criticism merely a preliminary excitement, a statement of things a writer has to clear up in his own head sometime or other, probably antecedent to writing; of no value unless it come to fruit in the created work later. - Ezra Pound

Good writers are those who keep the language efficient. That is to say, keep it accurate, keep it clear. - Ezra Pound

Every writer I know has trouble writing. - Joseph Heller

The writer in western civilization has become not a voice of his tribe, but of his individuality. This is a very narrow-minded situation. - Aharon Appelfeld