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In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration. - Ansel Adams

We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success. We often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery. - Samuel Smiles

Knowing how to cry is the wisdom of simplicity. - Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo

'Tis sometimes the height of wisdom to feign stupidity. - Cato the Elder

Art will remain the most astonishing activity of mankind born out of struggle between wisdom and madness, between dream and reality in our mind. - Magdalena Abakanowicz

Mystery is the wisdom of blockheads. - Horace Walpole

Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. - Henry Louis Mencken

Misfortunes leave wounds which bleed drop by drop even in sleep; thus little by little they train man by force and dispose him to wisdom in spite of himself. Man must learn to think of himself as a limited and dependent being; and only suffering teaches. - Simone Weil

The wisdom of our ancestors. - Sir Francis Bacon