Wickedness quotes & sayings

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What has this unfeeling age of ours left untried, what wickedness has it shunned? - Horace [Quintus Horacius Flaccus]

The holy man, though he be distressed, does not eat food mixed with wickedness. The lion, though hungry, will not eat what is unclean. - Saskya Pandita

Wickedness is always easier than virtue, for it takes a short cut to everything. - Samuel Johnson

There is a method in man's wickedness, It grows up by degrees. - Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher

One man's wickedness may easily become all men's curse. - Publius [Publilius Syrus]

If you woulds't live long, live well, for folly and wickedness shorten life. - Benjamin Franklin

To see and listen to the wicked is already the beginning of wickedness. - Confucius

There is wickedness in the intention of wickedness, even though it be not perpetrated in the act. - Cicero [Marcus Tullius Cicero]

The world loves a spice of wickedness. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow