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Voluntary quotes & sayings

These voluntary quotes and voluntary sayings are from our famous and inspiring quotes collection.

Like everything which is not the involuntary result of fleeting emotion but the creation of time and will, any marriage, happy or unhappy, is infinitely more interesting than any romance, however passionate. - Wystan Hugh Auden

Morality is only moral when it is voluntary. - Lincoln Steffens

The most intellectual of men are moved quite as much by the circumstances which they are used to as by their own will. The active voluntary part of a man is very small, and if it were not economized by a sleepy kind of habit, its results would be null. - Walter Bagehot

Poverty, when voluntary, is quite probably a virtue. But few can blame those subjected to it involuntarily for wishing to be done with it. - Graham Ericsson

If there is one word that describes our form of society in America, it may be the word, voluntary. - Lyndon Baines Johnson

Voluntary dependence is the wonderful form of existence, and how could that be possible without love? - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Desire and force between them are responsible for all our actions; desire causes our voluntary acts, force our involuntary. - Blaise Pascal

Jealousy is the most dreadfully involuntary of all sins. - Iris Murdoch

Sport is the habitual and voluntary cultivation of intensive physical effort. - Pierre de Coubertin