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We do not raise our hands to the void for things beyond hope. - Sir Rabindranath Tagore

In forming a judgment, lay your hearts void of fore-taken opinions; else, whatsoever is done or said will be measured by a wrong rule; like them who have the jaundice, to whom everything appeareth yellow. - Sir Philip Sidney

For it would have been better that man should have been born dumb, nay, void of all reason, rather than that he should employ the gifts of Providence to the destruction of his neighbor. [La., Mutos enim nasci, et egere omni ratione satius fuisset, quam providentiae munera in mutuam perniciem convertere] - Quintilian [Marcus Fabius Quintilian]

One must either take an interest in the human situation or else parade before the void. - Jean Rostand

Oh, what a void there is in things. - Persius [Aulus Persius Flaccus]

Man would sooner have the Void for his purpose than be void of Purpose. - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Today, in our comparative comfort, many women hardly feel indispensable any more, either in the primitive struggle to survive or as the cultural font of the home. No longer fed by a feeling of indispensability or purposefulness, we are hungry, and not knowing what we are hungry for, we fill up the void with endless distractions. - Anne Morrow Lindbergh