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Vicious quotes & sayings

These vicious quotes and vicious sayings are from our famous and inspiring quotes collection.
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Virtuous and vicious every man must be, few in the extreme, but all in the degree. - Alexander Pope

Asperse: Maliciously to ascribe to another vicious actions which one has not had the temptation and opportunity to commit. (The Devil's Dictionary) - Ambrose Bierce

University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small. - Henry Kissinger

But there was only that silence, as in the five or ten minutes before a vicious thunder squall strikes, when the purple heads stack up in the sky overhead and the light turns a queer purple-yellow and the wind dies completely. (It) - Stephen Edwin King

Vice gets more in this vicious world Than piety. - Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher

It is vicious to give in to our desires, but not to have any desires at all is impossible for our weak nature. - Peter Abelard

To pluck the vicious quitch Of blood and custom wholly out of him, And make all clean and plant himself afresh. - Lord Alfred Tennyson

Each year one vicious habit rooted out, in time might make the worst man good throughout. - Benjamin Franklin

Even as a Surgeon, minding off to cut Some cureless limb, before in use he put His violent Engins on the vicious member, Bringeth his Patient in a senseless slumber, And grief-less then (guided by use and art), To save the whole, sawes off the infected part. - Guillaume de Salluste du Bartas