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You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being, not because anybody says so, not because you're successful, not because you make a lot of money, but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason. - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Skill is fine, and genius is splendid, but the right contacts are more valuable than either. - Sir Arthur Conan Ignatius Doyle

The only real valuable thing is intuition. - Albert Einstein

The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed. It is just these intense conflicts and their conflagration which are needed to produce valuable and lasting results. - Carl Gustav Jung

The feeling of being valuable, 'I am a valuable person,' is essential to mental health and is a cornerstone of self-discipline. - Dr. Morgan Scott Peck

Since time is the one immaterial object which we cannot influence, neither speed up nor slow down, add to nor diminish, it is an imponderably valuable gift. - Maya Angelou

Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions. - John Randolph

He who has learned to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of a diplomat. - Robert H. Estabrook

Unless you are prepared yourself to profit by your chance, the opportunity will only make you ridiculous. A great occasion is valuable to you in proportion as you have educated yourself to make use of it. - Orison Swett Marden