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Unsatisfied quotes & sayings

These unsatisfied quotes and unsatisfied sayings are from our famous and inspiring quotes collection.

Now as at all times I can see in the mind's eye, In their stiff, painted clothes, the pale unsatisfied ones Appear and disappear in the blue depth of the sky With all their ancient faces like rain-beaten stones, And all their helms of silver hovering side by side, And all their eyes still fixed, hoping to find once more, Being by Calvary's turbulence unsatisfied, The uncontrollable mystery on the bestial floor. - William Butler Yeats

From compromise and things half done, Keep me with stern and stubborn pride; And when at last the fight is won, God, keep me still unsatisfied. - Louis Untermeyer

Love is all Unsatisfied That cannot take the whole Body and soul. - William Butler Yeats