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These unites quotes and unites sayings are from our famous and inspiring quotes collection.

Beliefs are what divide people. Doubt unites them. - Peter Ustinov

The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above-average drivers. - Dave Barry

And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us. - Pablo Neruda

In all societies, it is advisable to associate if possible with the highest; not that the highest are always the best, but because, if disgusted there, we can descend at any time; but if we begin with the lowest, to ascend is impossible. - Charles Caleb Colton

I love men, not for what unites them, but for what divides them, and I want to know most of all what gnaws at their hearts. - Guillaume Apollinaire

An associate producer is the only guy in Hollywood who will associate with a producer. - Fred Allen

The secret of drunkenness is, that it insulates us in thought, whilst it unites us in feeling. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company. - George Washington

The sportive, knightly battle awakens the best human characteristics. It doesn't separate, but unites the combatants in understanding and respect. He also helps to connect the countries in the spirit of peace. That's why the Olympic Flame should never die. - Adolph Hitler