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To get into the best society nowadays, one has either to feed people, amuse people, or shock people. - Oscar Wilde

But total freedom is never what one imagines and, in fact, hardly exists. It comes as a shock in life to learn that we usually only exchange one set of restrictions for another. The second set, however, is self-chosen, and therefore easier to accept. - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Better to sink beneath the shock Than molder piecemeal on the rock! - Lord Byron

Be steadfast as a tower that doth not bend its stately summit to the tempest's shock. [It., Sta come torre ferme, che non crolla Giammai la cima per soffiar de' venti] - Danielle Vare

We tend not to choose the unknown, which might be a shock or a disappointment or simply a little difficult to cope with. And yet it is the unknown with all its disappointments and surprises that is the most enriching. - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Most of us are about as eager to be changed as we were to be born, and go through our changes in a similar state of shock. - James Arthur Baldwin

I was in a state of witless shock, as though flames had suddenly enwrapped and paralysed me so that for a moment I had no mind, no memory. - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

When individuals approach one another with deep purposes on both sides they seldom come at once to the matter which they have most at heart. They dread the electric shock of a too sudden contact with it. - Nathaniel Hawthorne

It's all the young can do for the old, to shock them and keep them up to date. - George Bernard Shaw