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The tragedy is when you've got sex in the head instead of down where it belongs. - D. H. Lawrence
I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity, all I hope for in my clothes. - Yves Saint-Laurent
I blame my mother for my poor sex life. All she told me was 'the man goes on top and the woman underneath.' For three years my husband and I slept in bunk beds. - Joan Rivers
I don't want to play sex roles any more. I'm tired of being known as the girl with the shape. - Marilyn Monroe
I need sex for a clear complexion, but I'd rather do it for love. - Joan Crawford
It's woman's spirit and mood a man has to stimulate in order to make sex interesting. The real lover is the man who can thrill you by touching your head or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space. - Marilyn Monroe
The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less. - Gore Vidal
Why should we take advice on sex from the pope? If he knows anything about it, he shouldn't! - George Bernard Shaw
When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities. - Matt Groening