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Politicians neither love nor hate. Interest, not sentiment, directs them. - Lord Chesterfield

In the end we all come to be cured of our sentiments. Those whom life does not cure death will. (All The Pretty Horses) - Cormac McCarthy

Law is the embodiment of the moral sentiment of the people. - Sir William Blackstone

The sentiment of justice is so natural, and so universally acquired by all mankind, that it seems to be independent of all law, all party, all religion. - Voltaire

Faith is a certitude without proofs, a sentiment, for it is a hope; it is an instinct, for it precedes all outward instruction. - Henri Frederic Amiel

Show me the business man or institution not guided by sentiment and service; by the idea that 'he profits most who serves best' and I will show you a man or an outfit that is dead or dying. - Charles Haddon Spurgeon

He who molds the public sentiment, makes statues and decisions possible or impossible to make. - Abraham Lincoln

I sit with my toes in a brook, And if any one axes for why? I hits them a rap with my crook, For it is sentiment does it, says I. - Horace Walpole

With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed. - Abraham Lincoln