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Surely the ass who invented the first religion ought to be the first ass damned. - Mark Twain

Say nothing of my religion. It is known to my god and myself alone. - Thomas Jefferson

Religion ends and philosophy begins, just as alchemy ends and chemistry begins, and astrology ends and astronomy begins. - Richard Dawkins

For religion all men are equal, as all pennies are equal, because the only value in any of them is that they bear the image of the king. - Gilbert Keith Chesterton

One religion is as true as another. - Robert Burton

But the religion most prevalent in our northern colonies is a refinement on the principle of resistance, it is the dissidence of dissent, and the protestantism of the Protestant religion. - Edmund Burke

Religion: The art of turning fable into fact. - Robert B. Mackay

Matters of religion should never be matters of controversy. We neither argue with a lover about his taste, not condemn him, if we are just, for knowing so human a passion. - George Santayana

Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind. - Albert Einstein

Of all possible sexual perversions, religion is the only one to have ever been scientifically systematized. - Louis Aragon