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Nightingale quotes & sayings

These nightingale quotes and nightingale sayings are from our famous and inspiring quotes collection.

The angel of spring, the mellow-throated nightingale. - Christina Georgina Rossetti

'For if I wait,' said she, 'Till time for roses be, For the moss-rose and the musk-rose, Maiden-blush and royal-dusk rose, 'What glory then for me In such a company? Roses plenty, roses plenty And one nightingale for twenty? - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

A nightingale dies for shame if another bird sings better. - Robert Burton

Hark! ah, the nightingale, The tawny-throated! Hark from that moonlit cedar what a burst! What triumph! hark! what pain! Again, thou hearest? Eternal passion! Eternal pain! - Matthew Arnold

The watch-dog's voice that bay'd the whispering wind, And the loud laugh that spoke the vacant mind: There all in sweet confusion sought the shade, And fill'd each pause the nightingale had made. - Oliver Goldsmith

'Tis the merry nightingale That crowds, and hurries, and precipitates With fast thick warble his delicious notes, As he were fearful that an April night Would be too short for him to utter forth His love-chant, and disburden his full soul Of all its music! - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Listen, every one That listen may, unto a tale That's merrier than the nightingale. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

For as nightingales do upon glow-worms feed, So poets live upon the living light. - Phillip James Bailey

Like a wedding-song all-melting Sings the nightingale, the dear one. - Heinrich Heine