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I find the medicine worse than the malady. - Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher

A faithful friend is the medicine of life. - Apocrypha

It is a most extraordinary thing, but I never read a patent medicine advertisement without being impelled to the conclusion that I am suffering from the particular disease therein dealt with in its most virulent form. - Jerome K. Jerome

To live by medicine is to live horribly. - Carolus Linnaeus

Though bitter, good medicine cures illness. Though it may hurt, loyal criticism will have beneficial effects. - Matthew Prior

Nature too unkind; That made no medicine for a troubled mind! - Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher

The miserable have no other medicine, But only hope: I have hope to live, and am prepared to die. (Measure for Measure) - William Shakespeare

Advances in medicine and agriculture have saved vastly more lives than have been lost in all the wars in history. - Carl Sagan

The best medicine I know for rheumatism is to thank the Lord that it ain't gout. - Josh Billings