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Medical abbreviations - T,U,V,W,X & Y

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T&A - Time and Attendance

TAB - NIH Technical Advisory Board

TAIMS - Time and Attendance Information Management System

TARGET - Technology Accessible Resources Give Employment Today

TASC - Technical Assistance and Support Center

TBR - Training By Request

TCC - Temporary Continuation of Coverage

TDY - Temporary Duty

TIG - Time In Grade

TK - Timekeeper

TOD - Tour Of Duty

TQM - Total Quality Management

TSP - Thrift Savings Plan

UKPDS - United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study

URC - User Resource Center

USDA - United States Department of Agriculture

USET - United South and Eastern Tribes

USIA - United States Information Agency

USOPM - United States Office of Personnel Management

VA - Visiting Associate

VATS - Vacancy Announcement Tracking System (PHS)

VEV - Vietnam Era Veteran

VF - Visiting Fellow

VRA - Veterans Readjustment Appointment

VS - Visiting Scientist

WAE - When-Actually-Employed

WAO - Washington Area Office, OPM

WEDA - Workforce Equity and Diversity Action

WFCL - Work and Family Life Center

WG - Wage Grade

WGI - Within-Grade Increase

WHO - World Health Organization (UN)

WMA - World Medical Association

WWW - World Wide Web

X-Train - Trainee Activities System

YTD - Year To Date