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Medical abbreviations - O & P

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OA - Office Automation

OA - Office of Administration (NIH OD)

OACU - Office of Animal Care and Use (NIH OD)

OAD HIV - Office of the Associate Director for HIV/AIDS

OAMP - Office of Acquisition Management and Policy (NIH OD)

OAR - Office of AIDS Research (NIH OD)

OASDI - Old Age Survivor Disability Insurance

OASH - Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, PHS

OB - Office of Budget (NIH OD)

OBA - Office of Biotechnology Activities (NIH OD)

OBSSR - Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (NIH OD)

OC - Office of Communications

OCL - Office of Community Liaison (NIH OD)

OCPL - Office of Communications & Public Liaison

OD - Doctor of Optometry

OD - Office of the Director

ODEO - Office of the Director Executive Office (NIH OD)

ODP - Office of Disease Prevention (NIH OD)

ODS - Office of Dietary Supplements (NIH OD)

OE - Office of Education (NIH OD)

OE - Office of Evaluation (NIH OD)

OEO - Office of Equal Opportunity (NIH OD)

OEODM - Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management (NIH OD)

OER - Office of Extramural Research (NIH OD)

OF - Optional Form

OFACP - Office of Federal Advisory Committee Policy (NIH OD)

OFM - Office of Financial Management (NIH OD)

OGC - Office of the General Counsel (NIH OD)

OHR - Office of Human Resources (NIH OD)

OHRM - Office of Human Resource Management (NIH OD)

OHRP - Office for Human Research Protections (NIH OD)

OHSR - Office of Human Subjects Research (NIH OD)

OIR - Office of Intramural Research (NIH OD)

OIT - Office of Information Technology (NIH OD)

OJT - On-The-Job Training

OLAO - Office of Logistics and Acquisition Operations (NIH OD)

OLAW - Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (NIH OD)

OLPA - Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis (NIH OD)

OLRS - Office of Loan Repayment and Scholarship (NIH OD)

OM - Office of Management (NIH OD)

OMA - Office of Management Assessment (NIH OD)

OMAR - Office of Medical Applications of Research (NIH OD)

OMB - Office of Management and Budget, White House

OMBS - Office of Medical Board Services

OMS - Occupational Medical Service

OPF - Official Personnel File

OPL - Offices of Public Liaison (NIH OD)

OPM - Office of Personnel Management

ORD - Office of Rare Diseases (NIH OD)

ORFDO - Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations (NIH OD)

ORS - Office of Research Services (NIH OD)

ORWH - Office of Research on Women's Health (NIH OD)

OSE - Office of Science Education (NIH OD)

OSMP - Office of Strategic Management and Planning (NIH OD)

OSP - Office of Science Policy (NIH OD)

OSPP - Office of Science Policy & Planning (NIH OD)

OTT - Office of Technology Transfer

P/TRP - Promotion/Tenure Review Panel

PA - Personnel Assistant

PA - Physician's Assistant

PAHO - Pan American Health Organization

PCA - Physicians Comparability Allowance

PCS - Permanent change of station

PD - Position Description

PEBS - Policy, Employee Benefits, and Staffing Unit, PMB, NCI

PGNZ - Pharmaceutical Guild Of New Zealand

PHARM - Pharmaceutical Health and Rational Use of Medicines (Australia)

PHS - Public Health Service

PIN - Personal Identification Number

PL - Public Law

PMB - Personnel Management Branch, NCI

PMI - Presidential Management Intern

PMS - Performance Management System

PMS - Personnel Management Specialist

PP - Pay Period

PPE - Pay Period Ending

PR - Public Relations

PRHO - Pre-registration house officer (UK)

PRPL - Patient Recruitment and Public Liaison Office

PSNZ - Pharmaceutical Society Of New Zealand

PSP - Physician Special Pay (In relation to Title 38)

PT - Part Time

PVEV - Post-Vietnam Era Veteran

PWS - Performance Work Statement