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Medical abbreviations - G,H,I,J,K & L

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GAO - General Accounting Office, Congress

GFP - General Fellowship Program

GME - Graduate Medical Education

GOV - Government-owned Vehicle

GP - General practitioner

GPA - Grade Point Average

GPP - Graduate Partnerships Program (NIH OD)

GPRA - Government Performance and Results Act

GR - Guest Researcher

GRC - Gerontology Research Center

GS - General Schedule

GSA - General Services Administration

HC - Health Canada

HCFA - Health Care Financing Administration, DHHS

HEMS - Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

HHMI - Howard Hughes Medical Institute

HHS - Health and Human Services, Department of

HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HQ - Headquarters

HRSA - Health Resources and Services Administration, PHS

HSA - Health Scientist Administrator

HSRB - Human Subjects Review Board

IAG - Interagency Agreement

IASP - International Association for the Study of Pain

ICD - Institutes/Centers/Divisions

ID - Identification

IFMSA - International Federation of Medical Students' Associations

IHS - Indian Health Service, PHS

ILO - International Labor Organization

IMO - Irish Medical Organisation

IMPACT - Integrated Management of Personnel Administration through Computer Technology

IMS/ADB - Information Management System/Administrative Data Base System (DELPRO)

INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service

IO - Information Officer

IOM - Institute of Medicine, NAS

IPA - Interagency Personnel Act

IPA - Intergovernmental Personnel Act

IPC - Incidental Patient Contact

IRA - Individual Retirement Account

IRB - Institutional Review Board

IRTA - Intramural Research Training Award

ISB - International Services Branch

ISSO - Information Systems Security Office

ITAS - Integrated Time and Attendance System

ITMC - Information Technology Management Council

JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association

KSA - Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Form

KSASF - Knowledges, Skills and Abilities Supplemental Form (NIH-2252-3)

LABS - Laboratory Automated Bibliographic System

LAN - Local Area Network

LIUNA - Laborers International Union of North America

LMSSA - Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery of the Society of Apothecaries

LPN - Licensed Practical Nurse

LRP - NIH Loan Repayment Program (NIH OD)

LSPRP - Laboratory Specialist Promotion Review Panel

LVN - Licensed Vocational Nurse

LWOP - Leave Without Pay