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Medical abbreviations - D, E & F

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DCMS - Division of Mail and Courier Services (ORS)

DCPS - Defence Civilian Pay System

DCR - Division of Career Resources, OHRM, NIH

DDIR - Deputy Director for Intramural Research

DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery

DEA - Division of Extramural Activities

DES - Division of Engineering Services

DFAS - Defence Finance and Accounting Service

DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services

DHRS - Division of Human Resource Systems, OHRM, NIH

DIS - Division of International Services

DLS - Division of Logistics Services

DMD - Doctor of Dental Medicine

DO - Doctor of Osteopathy

DRG - Division of Research Grants

DS - Division of Safety

DSEIS - Division of Scientific Equipment & Instrumentation Services (ORS)

DSFM - Division of Space and Facility Management

DSO - Division of Security Operations

DSS - Division of Support Services

DTM - Department of Transfusion Medicine (ORS)

DVAAP - Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program

DWD - Division of Workforce Development

EAP - Employee Assistance Program

EC - Executive Committee (NCI)

ECFMG - Educational Commission for Foreign Medical School Graduates

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Edison - Extramural Invention Information Management System

EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity

EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EES - Enterprise E-Mail System

ELS - Earnings and Leave Statement

EN - Enrolled Nurse (AU)

EOD - Entrance on Duty

EPSS - Electronic Performance Support Systems

ERA - Electronic Research Administration

ES - Executive Schedule

ES - Executive Secretariat (NIH OD)

ESG - Executive Staffing Group, REPS, PMB, NCI

ETSO - Employee Transportation Services Office

FAES - Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences

FAI - Fair Act Inventory

FAIR - Federal Activities Inventory Reform

FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation

FCRDC - Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

FDA - Food and Drug Administration FHO Foundation House Officer

FDA - Food and Drug Administration, PHS

FECA - Federal Employees' Compensation Act

FEGLI - Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance

FEHBP - Federal Employees' Health Benefits Program

FEORP - Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program

FEPCA - Federal Employees' Pay Comparability Act

FERS - Federal Employees' Retirement System

FES - Factor Evaluation System

FFS - Fee-for-service

FIC - John E. Fogarty International Center

FICA - Federal Insurance Contributions Act (Social Security)

FIP - Federal Information Processing

FLSA - Fair Labor Standards Act

FMG - Foreign Medical Graduate

FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

FPM - Federal Personnel Manual

FR - Federal Register

FS - Feasibility Study

FTE - Full-Time Equivalent

FTS - Federal Telecommunications System

FWP - Federal Women's Program

FY - Fiscal Year

FYI - For Your Information