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In other countries, art and literature are left to a lot of shabby bums living in attics and feeding on booze and spaghetti, but in America the successful writer or picture-painter is indistinguishable from any other decent businessman. - Sinclair Lewis

My main reason for adopting literature as a profession was that, as the author is never seen by his clients, he need not dress respectably. - George Bernard Shaw

The answers you get from literature depend on the questions you pose. - Margaret Eleanor Atwood

Critics are those who have failed in literature and art. - Benjamin Disraeli

The force of the advertising word and image dwarfs the power of other literature in the 20th century. - Daniel J. Boorstin

He knew everything about literature except how to enjoy it. - Joseph Heller

The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean; not to affect your reader, but to affect him precisely as you wish. - Robert Louis Stevenson

Every man is a borrower and a mimic; life is theatrical and literature a quotation. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

In our day the conventional element in literature is elaborately disguised by a law of copyright pretending that every work of art is an invention distinctive enough to be patented. - Northrop Frye