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The full use of your powers along lines of excellence. - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Night comes, world-jewelled, The stars rush forth in myriads as to wage War with the lines of Darkness; and the moon, Pale ghost of Night, comes haunting the cold earth After the sun's red sea-death, quiet-less. - Phillip James Bailey

Would Hamlet have felt the delicious fascination of suicide if he hadn't had an audience, and lines to speak? - Jean Genet

Every writer is a frustrated actor who recites his lines in the hidden auditorium of his skull. - Rod Serling

If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him. [Fr., Qu'on me donne six lignes ecrites de la main du plus honnete homme, j'y trouverai de quoi le faire pendre] - Quintilian [Marcus Fabius Quintilian]

Happiness is the utilization of ones talents along lines of excellence. - Aristotle [Aristoteles]

Accept a miracle; instead of wit, See two dull lines by Stanhope's pencil writ. - Alexander Pope

True happiness is the full use of your powers along lines of excellence in a life affording scope. - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Give me six lines written by the most honourable of men, and I will find an excuse in them to hang him. - Cardinal Richelieu