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Legal abbreviations - U, V, W & Y

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U Ark Little Rock L Rev - University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review

U Balt Intell Prop LJ - University of Baltimore Intellectual Property Law Journal

U Balt J Envtl L - University of Baltimore Journal of Environmental Law

U Balt L Rev - University of Baltimore Law Review

U Chi L Rev - University of Chicago Law Review

U Chi L Sch Roundtable - University of Chicago Law School Roundtable

U Chi Legal F - University of Chicago Legal Forum

U Cin L Rev - University of Cincinnati Law Review

U Colo L Rev - University of Colorado Law Review

U Dayton L Rev - University of Dayton Law Review

U Denv Water L Rev - University of Denver Water Law Review

U Det Mercy L Rev - University of Detroit Mercy Law Review

U Fla JL & Pub Pol'y - University of Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy

U Haw L Rev - University of Hawaii Law Review

U Ill L Rev - University of Illinois Law Review

U Kan L Rev - University of Kansas Law Review

U Mem L Rev - University of Memphis Law Review

U Miami Bus L Rev - University of Miami Business Law Review

U Miami Ent & Sports L Rev - University of Miami Entertainment and Sports Law Review

U Miami Inter-Am L Rev - University of Miami Inter-American Law Review

U Miami L Rev - University of Miami Law Review

U Mich JL Reform - University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform

U Pa J Const L - University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law

U Pa J Int'l Econ L - University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Economic Law

U Pa L Rev - University of Pennsylvania Law Review

U Pitt L Rev - University of Pittsburgh Law Review

U Rich L Rev - University of Richmond Law Review

U Tol L Rev - University of Toledo Law Review

UC Davis J Int'l L & Pol'y - UC Davis Journal of International Law and Policy

UC Davis L Rev - UC Davis Law Review

UCC - Uniform Commercial Code

UCELNET - Universities and Colleges Education Law Network

UCLA Asian Pac Am LJ - UCLA Asian Pacific American Law Journal

UCLA Ent L Rev - UCLA Entertainment Law Review

UCLA J Envtl L & Pol'y - UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy

UCLA J Int'l L & Foreign Aff - UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs

UCLA L Rev - UCLA Law Review

UCLA Pac Basin LJ - UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal

UCLA Women's LJ - UCLA Women's Law Journal

UCLR - University of Chicago Law Review

UDC L Rev - University of the District of Columbia Law Review

UGLJ - University of Ghana Law Journal

UK Ins Broker - UK Insurance Broker

UKCLR - UK Competition Law Reports

UKHL - United Kingdom House of Lords

UKHRR - United Kingdom Human Rights Reports

UKTS - United Kingdom Treaty Series

ULR - Utilities Law Review

UMKC L Rev - UMKC Law Review

Uniform LR - Uniform Law Review

UNYB - United Nations Year Book

Urb Law - Urban Lawyer

US - United States Reports

US - United States Supreme Court Reports

USC - United States Code

USCA - United States Code Annotated

USCCAN - United States Code Congressional and Administrative News

USCS - United States Code Service

USF JL & Soc Challenges - University of San Francisco Journal of Law and Social Challenges

USF Mar LJ - University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal

USFL Rev - University of San Francisco Law Review

US-Mex LJ - United States-Mexico Law Journal

UST - United States Treaties and Other International Agreements

Utah L Rev - Utah Law Review

UTLJ - University of Toronto Law Journal

V&DT or VADT - VAT and Duties Tribunal

Va Envtl LJ - Virginia Environmental Law Journal

Va J Int'l L - Virginia Journal of International Law

Va J Soc Pol'y & L - Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law

Va J Sports & L - Virginia Journal of Sports and the Law

Va L Rev - Virginia Law Review

Va Tax Rev - Virginia Tax Review

VADT or V&DT - VAT and Duties Tribunal

Val U L Rev - Valparaiso University Law Review

Vand J Transnat'l L - Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

Vand L Rev - Vanderbilt Law Review

VAT Int - VAT Intelligence

VAT Plan - VAT Planning

VATTR - Value Added Tax Tribunal Reports

Vill Envtl LJ - Villanova Environmental Law Journal

Vill JL & Investment Mgmt - Villanova Journal of Law and Investment Management

Vill L Rev - Villanova Law Review

Vill Sports & Ent LJ - Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Journal

VLR - Victorian Law Reports

VR - Victorian Reports (Australia)

Vt L Rev - Vermont Law Review

W Comp - World Competition

W New Eng L Rev - Western New England Law Review

W Va L Rev - West Virginia Law Review

Wake Forest L Rev - Wake Forest Law Review

Wash & Lee L Rev - Washington and Lee Law Review

Wash L Rev - Washington Law Review

Wash U JL & Pol'y - Washington University Journal of Law and Policy

Wash U LQ - Washington University Law Quarterly

Washburn LJ - Washburn Law Journal

Watsons EC - Watsons Euro Comment

Watsons IR - Watsons Insurance Review

Watsons PN - Watsons Pensions News

Watsons RR - Watsons Remuneration Review

Watsons WR - Watsons Worldwide Review

Wayne L Rev - Wayne Law Review

WB - Welfare Benefits

Web JCLI - Web Journal of Current Legal Issues

WEC&IPR - World E-Commerce and IP Report

Welf R Bull - Welfare Rights Bulletin

WFSB - World Fire Statistics Bulletin

Whittier L Rev - Whittier Law Review

WI Rep - World Insurance Report

WICR - World Insurance Corporate Report

Widener J Pub L - Widener Journal of Public Law

Widener L Symposium J - Widener Law Symposium Journal

Willamette J Int'l L & Disp Resol - Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution

Willamette L Rev - Willamette Law Review

WIR - West Indian Reports

Wis Envtl LJ - Wisconsin Environmental Law Journal

Wis Int'l LJ - Wisconsin International Law Journal

Wis L Rev - Wisconsin Law Review

Wis Women's LJ - Wisconsin Women's Law Journal

WL - Water Law

WLLR - World Licensing Law Report

WLR - Weekly Law Reports

Wm & Mary Bill of Rts J - William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal

Wm & Mary Envtl L & Pol'y Rev - William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review

Wm & Mary J Women & L - William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law

Wm & Mary L Rev - William and Mary Law Review

Wm Mitchell L Rev - William Mitchell Law Review

WN - Weekly notes

Women's Rts L Rep - Women's Rights Law Reporter

World ILR - World Internet Law Report

Worldlaw Bus - Worldlaw Business

WPG - World Policy Guide

WQ - Watsons Quarterly

WR - Weekly Reporter

WRTLB - Wilkinson's Road Traffic Law Bulletin

WTLR - Wills and Trusts Law Reports

WTO - World Trade Organization

WTR - World Tax Report

WWR - Western Weekly Reports

Wyoming L Rev - Wyoming Law Review

Yale Hum Rts & Dev LJ - Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal

Yale J Int'l L - Yale Journal of International Law

Yale J on Reg - Yale Journal on Regulation

Yale JL & Feminism - Yale Journal of Law and Feminism

Yale JL & Human - Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities

Yale L & Pol'y Rev - Yale Law and Policy Review

Yale LJ - Yale Law Journal

Yb Int'l Env L - Yearbook of International Environmental Law

YB EurL - Yearbook of European Law

YBECHR - Yearbook of the European Commission of Human Rights

YBILC - Yearbook of the International Law Commission

YBWA - Yearbook of World Affairs

YC&ML - Yearbook of Copyright and Media Law

YEL or YB Eur L - Yearbook of European Law

YLCT - Yearbook of Law, Computers and Technology

YMEL - Yearbook of Media and Entertainment Law