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Legal abbreviations - T

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T Jefferson L Rev - Thomas Jefferson Law Review

T Marshall L Rev - Thurgood Marshall Law Review

T&ETJ - Trusts and Estates Tax Journal

T&T - Trusts and Trustees

TACT Review - The Association of Corporate Trustees Review

TAQ - The Aviation Quarterly

Tas SR - Tasmanian State Reports

Tax & Inv - Tax and Investment

Tax A - Tax Adviser

Tax B - Tax Briefing

Tax C - Tax Commentary

Tax Int - Taxation International

Tax J - Tax Journal

Tax L Rev - Tax Law Review

Tax P - Taxation Practitioner

Tax PN - Tax Practice Notes

Tax - Taxation

TB - Technical Bulletin

TBSPI - Technical Bulletin of the Society of Practitioners of Insolvency

TC - Tax Cases

TCLR - Technology and Construction Law Reports

TD - Treasury Decision

TEL&P - Tolley's Employment Law and Practice

TELJ - Technology and Entertainment Law Journal

TELL - Tolley's Employment Law-Line

Temp Envtl L & Tech J - Temple Environmental Law and Technology Journal

Temp Int'l & Comp LJ - Temple International and Comparative Law Journal

Temp L Rev - Temple Law Review

Temp Pol & Civ Rts L Rev - Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review

Tenn L Rev - Tennessee Law Review

Tex F on Civ Libs & Civ Rts - Texas Forum on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Tex Hispanic JL & Pol'y - Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy

Tex Int'l LJ - Texas International Law Journal

Tex J Women & L - Texas Journal of Women and the Law

Tex L Rev - Texas Law Review

Tex Rev L & Pol - Texas Review of Law and Politics

Tex Tech L Rev - Texas Tech Law Review

Tex Wesleyan L Rev - Texas Wesleyan Law Review

TFA - Transactions of the Faculty of Actuaries

Theo Crim - Theoretical Criminology

TIA - Troubled Insurer Alert

TIJMCL - The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law

TKBELIS - Turner Kenneth Brown European Legal Information Service

TL&P - Trust Law and Practice

TLJ - Travel Law Journal

TLP - Transport Law and Policy

TLR - Times Law Reports

TLT - Telecoms Law Today

TM Cooley J Prac & Clin L - Thomas M Cooley Journal of Practical and Clinical Law

TM Cooley L Rev - Thomas M Cooley Law Review

TNIB - Tolley's National Insurance Brief

TOC - Transnational Organized Crime

Top L - Topical Law

Tort & Ins LJ - Tort and Insurance Law Journal

TOTR - Tolley's Overseas Tax Reporter

Touro Int'l L Rev - Touro International Law Review

Touro L Rev - Touro Law Review

TPA&A - Tolley's Practical Audit and Accounting

TPH - Towers Perrin Headlines

TPI e-commerce - Tax Planning International e-commerce

TPIAPF - Tax Planning International Asia-Pacific Focus

TPIEUF - Tax Planning International European Union Focus

TPIR - Tax Planning International Review

TPITP - Tax Planning International Transfer Pricing

TPIU - Towers Perrin International Update

TPN - Tolley's Practical NIC

TPNN - Tolley's Practical NIC Newsletter

TPNS - Tolley's Practical NIC Service

TPT - Tolley's Practical Tax

TPTN - Tolley's Practical Tax Newsletter

TPTS - Tolley's Practical Tax Service

TPU - Towers Perrin Update

TPV - Tolley's Practical VAT

TPVN - Tolley's Practical VAT Newsletter

TPVS - Tolley's Practical VAT Service

Tr & Est - Trusts and Estates

TR L or Trad L - Trading Law

Tr Law - Trading Law and Trading Law Reports

Tr LR - Trading Law Reports

TR - Taxation Reports

Traf Case - Traffic Cases

Trans L&P - Transport Law and Policy

Transnat'l LCP - Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems

Transnat'l Law - Transnational Lawyer

Transp LJ - Transportation Law Journal

Trent LJ - Trent Law Journal

Tribunals - Tribunals

Tru & ELJ - Trusts and Estates Law Journal

Tru LI - Trust Law International

TTI - Tolley's Tax Investigation

Tu LR - Tulane Law Review

Tul Envtl LJ - Tulane Environmental Law Journal

Tul Eur & Civ LF - Tulane European and Civil Law Forum

Tul J Int'l & Comp L - Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law

Tul L Rev - Tulane Law Review

Tul Mar LJ - Tulane Maritime Law Journal

Tulsa J Int'l & Comp L - Tulsa Journal of International and Comparative Law

Tulsa LJ - Tulsa Law Journal

TW - Trademark World