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Legal abbreviations - R & S

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R E or R/E - Real Estate

RA - Rating Appeals

RADIC - African Journal of International and Comparative Law

RALQ - Receivers, Administrators and Liquidators Quarterly

Ratio Juris - Ratio Juris

RC - Rule of Court (Scotland)

RCADI - Recueil des cours. Hague Academy of International Law

RCJ - Royal Courts of Justice

RCN - Rating Case Notes

Re LR - Reinsurance Law Reports

Re Re - Re Report

Real Prop Prob Tr J - Real Property, Probate and Trust Journal

RECIEL - Review of European Community and International Environmental Law

Regent U L Rev - Regent University Law Review

Regulator - Regulator and Professional Conduct Quarterly

Reins - Reinsurance

Rep B - Reparation Bulletin

Rep LR - Reparation Law Reports

Res B - Home Office Research Bulletin

Research in L & Econ - Research in Law and Economics: A Research Annual

Rev CEE Law - Review of Central and East European Law

Rev Litig - Review of Litigation

Rev Proc - Revenue Procedure (published in IRB)

Rev Rul - Revenue Ruling (published in IRB)

Rev Trim Civ - Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Civil

RFDA - Revue francaise de droit aérien et spatial

RIAA - Reports of international arbitral awards

RIDA - Revue internationale du droit d'auteur

RIDC - Revue Internationale du Droit Comparé

Risk Man - Risk Management

Risk MR - Risk Management Reports

Risk Update - Risk Update

RLR - Restitution Law Review

RMB - Risk Management Bulletin

RMC - Revue du Marché commun

RMR - Reinsurance Market Report

Road LR - Road Law Reports

Roger Willliams U L Rev - Roger Williams University Law Review

ROW Bulletin - Rights Of Women Bulletin

RP - Res Publica

RPC - Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases

RPR - Real Property Reports (Canada)

RPRM - Research Programme on Risk Management

RQ - Reinsurance Quarterly

RR - Revised Reports

RRC - Rydes Rating Case

RRCP - Reports of Restrictive Practices Cases

RRLR - Rent Review and Lease Renewal

RSC - Rules of the Supreme Court

RSI - Reinsurance Security Insider

RTDE - Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Européen

RTI - Road Traffic Indicator

RTR - Road Traffic Reports

Rutgers L Rev - Rutgers Law Review

Rutgers LJ - Rutgers Law Journal

Rutgers Race & L Rev - Rutgers Race and the Law Review

RVR - Rating and valuation reporter

RWB - Rights Workers Bulletin

RWLR - Rights of Way Law Review

S Cal Interdisc LJ - Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal

S Cal L Rev - Southern California Law Review

S Cal Rev L & Women's Stud - Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies

S Ct - Supreme Court Reporter (USA)

S Ill U LJ - Southern Illinois University Law Journal

S News - Sentencing News

s or § - Section

S Tex L Rev - South Texas Law Review

S&CL - Sports and Character Licensing

S&LJ - Sport and the Law Journal

S&LS - Social and Legal Studies

S&TLI - Shipping and Transport Lawyer International

S/J - Summary Judgement

SA - South African Law Reports

SALJ - South African Law Journal

SALR - South African Law Reports

San Diego L Rev - San Diego Law Review

Santa Clara L Rev - Santa Clara Law Review

SASR - South Australian State Reports

SB - Scottish Banker

SC Envtl LJ - South Carolina Environmental Law Journal

SC or Sess Cas - Sessions Cases (Scotland)

Sc Stud Law - Scandinavian Studies in Law

SC - Session Cases (Scotland)

SCAL&P - Scottish Constitutional and Administrative Law and Practice

SCCJ - Session Cases Court of Judiciary

SCCR - Scottish Criminal Case Reports

SCHL - Session Cases House of Lords (Scotland)

SCL Rev - Scottish Construction Law Review

SCL Rev - South Carolina Law Review

SCLR - Scottish Civil Law Reports


SCP News - Supreme Court Practice News

SCR - Supreme Court Reports (Canada)

Scribes J Legal Writing - Scribes Journal of Legal Writing

SD L Rev - South Dakota Law Review

SE 2d - South Eastern Reporter, 2nd Series

SE - South Eastern Reporter (USA)

Seattle U L Rev - Seattle University Law Review

SEGJ - Law Society Solicitors' European Group Journal

Seld Soc - Selden Society

Sem Jurid - Semaine Juridique

Sess Cas or SC - Sessions Cases (Scotland)

Seton Hall Const LJ - Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal

Seton Hall J Sport L - Seton Hall Journal of Sport Law

Seton Hall L Rev - Seton Hall Law Review

Seton Hall Legis J - Seton Hall Legislative Journal

SHE&PG - Stephenson Harwood Employment and Pensions Group

SHRJ - Scottish Human Rights Journal

SI - Statutory Instruments

SIR - Space Insurance Report

SJ or Sol J - Solicitors' Journal

SJLB - Solicitors Journal Law Brief

SL Rev or SLR - Student Law Review

SL&F - Sports Law and Finance

SLA&P - Sports Law Administration and Practice

SLB - Sports Law Bulletin

SLCR - Scottish Land Courts Reports

SLG - Scottish Law gazette

SLLP - Scottish Licensing Law and Practice

SLPQ - Scottish Law and Practice Quarterly

SLT - Scots Law Times

SLTL - Scots Law Times Land Court Reports

SLTS - Scots Law Times Sheriff Court Reports

SLTY - Scots Law Times Lyon Court Reports

SMJ - Subject Matter Jurisdiction

SMM - Single Market Monitor

SMU L Rev - SMU Law Review

So 2d - Southern Reporter, 2nd Series

So - Southern Reporter

Soc L - Socialist Lawyer

SOL - Statute of Limitations

SOR - Statutory Orders and Regulations

SPEL - Scottish Planning and Environmental Law

SPLP - Scottish Planning Law and Practice

SPLR - Scottish Parliament Law Review

Sports Law J - Sports Lawyers Journal

SPTL Reporter - Society of Public Teachers of Law Reporter

SR&O (NI) - Statutory Rules and Orders of Government of Northern Ireland

SR&O - Statutory Rules and Orders (Published by Authority)

SR - Statutory Rule of Northern Ireland

ss or §§ - Sections

SSI - Scottish Statutory Instrument

St John's L Rev - St John's Law Review

St Louis U LJ - Saint Louis University Law Journal

St Louis U Pub L Rev - Saint Louis University Public Law Review

St Louis-Warsaw TLJ - Saint Louis-Warsaw Transatlantic Law Journal

St Mary's LJ - St Mary's Law Journal

St Thomas L Rev - St Thomas Law Review

St Tr NS - Reports of State Trials New Series 1820-58

St Tr - State Trials and Proceedings 1163-1820

Stan Envtl LJ - Stanford Environmental Law Journal

Stan J Int'l L - Stanford Journal of International Law

Stan JL Bus & Fin - Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance

Stan L & Pol'y Rev - Stanford Law and Policy Review

Stan L Rev or Stan LR - Stanford Law Review

Stat LR - Statute Law Review

Stat - United States Statutes at Large

STC - Simon's Tax Cases

Stetson L Rev - Stetson Law Review

STL - Shipping and Trade Law

SU L Rev - Southern University Law Review

Suffolk J Trial & App Advoc - Suffolk Journal of Trial and Appellate Advocacy

Suffolk Transnat'l L Rev - Suffolk Transnational Law Review

Suffolk UL Rev - Suffolk University Law Review

Sup Ct Rev - Supreme Court Review

SW 2d - South Western Reporter, 2nd Series

SW 3d - South Western Reporter, 3rd Series

Sw JL & Trade Americas - Southwestern Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas

Sw U L Rev - Southwestern University Law Review

SW - South Western Reporter (USA)

SWIN - Swinton's Justiciary Reports (Scotland) (1835-1841 2 Vols)

Syracuse J Int'l L & Com - Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce

Syracuse L Rev - Syracuse Law Review