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Legal abbreviations - O, P & Q

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O&IT Rev - Offshore and International Taxation Review

Occ Pen - Occupational Pensions

Ocean & Coastal LJ - Ocean and Coastal Law Journal

OD&IL - Ocean Development and International Law

OFLR - Offshore Financial Law Reports

OGLTR - Oil and Gas Law and Taxation Review

Ohio NU L Rev - Ohio Northern University Law Review

Ohio St J on Disp Resol - Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution

Ohio St LJ - Ohio State Law Journal

OHR - Occupational Health Review

OJ - Official Journal of the European Communities

OJ - Official Journal of the European Union

OJC - Official Journal of the European Union C Series (Communications and notices)

OJL - Official Journal of the European Union L Series (Legislation)

OJLS - Oxford Journal of legal studies

Okla City U L Rev - Oklahoma City University Law Review

Okla L Rev - Oklahoma Law Review

OLS - One Lime Street

OPLR - Occupational Pensions Law Reports

Or L Rev - Oregon Law Review

OSS Bull - Office for the Supervision of Solicitors Bulletin

OTR or OTPR - Offshore Tax Planning Review

OUCLJ - Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal

P & CR - Property and Compensation Reports

P 2d - Pacific Reporter, 2nd Series

P 3d - Pacific Reporter, 3rd Series

P Injury - Personal Injury

P Int - Portfolio International

P Treas - Public Treasurer

P Week - Property Week

P&CR - Property, Planning and Compensation Reports

P&DP - Privacy and Data Protection

P&EB - Pensions and Employee Benefits

P&I Int - P and I International

P&MILL - Personal and Medical Injuries Law Letter

P&P - Practice and Procedure

P&S - Punishment and Society

P - Pacific Reporter

P - Probate (Law Reports)

P - Probate Division

PA - Product Adviser

PABB - Pay And Benefits Bulletin

Pac Rim L & Pol'y J - Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal

Pace Envtl L Rev - Pace Environmental Law Review

Pace Int'l L Rev - Pace International Law Review

Pace L Rev - Pace Law Review

PAD - Planning Appeal Decisions

Paisner CU - Paisner Company Update

Paisner EB - Paisner European Bulletin

Paisner EU - Paisner Environment Update

Paisner IPB - Paisner Intellectual Property Briefing

Parl Aff - Parliamentary Affairs

Pay Mag - Pay Magazine

PB - Professional Broking

PC - Privy Council

PCB - Private Client Business

PCC - Palmer's Company Cases

PCIJ - Permanent Court of International Justice

PCLB - Practitioners' Child Law Bulletin

PD - Probate Division (Law Reports)

PEBL - Perspectives on European Business Law

PELB - Planning and Environmental Law Bulletin

Pen Law - Pension Lawyer

Pen Week - Pensions Week

Pen World - Pensions World

Pepp L Rev - Pepperdine Law Review

Pers Today - Personnel Today

PF&D - Property Finance and Development

PF - Property Finance

PGAM - Public General Acts and Measures

PI - Personal Injury

PIC - Palmer's In Company

PIJ - Planning Inspectorate Journal

PILJ - Personal Injury Law Journal

PILMR - Personal Injury Law and Medical Review

PIQR - Personal Injuries and Quantum Reports

Pl Sav - Planned Savings

PL&BIN - Privacy Laws and Business International Newsletter

PL&BUKN - Privacy Laws and Business United Kingdom Newsletter

PL - Public Law

PLB - Property Law Bulletin

PLC - Practical Law Companies

PLCR - Planning Law Case Reports

PLI - Product Liability International

PLJ - Property Law Journal

PLR - Planning Law Reports

P&D(LP) - Probate and Divorce (Law Reports)

PLT - Professional Liability Today

PLU - Pensions Law Update

PM - Pensions Management

PN&L - Professional Negligence and Liability

PN - Professional Negligence

PNLR - Professional Negligence and Liability Reports

Pol J - Police Journal

Policing T - Policing Today

Post Mag - Post Magazine

PP&D - Practical Planning and Development

pp - Pages

PP - Professional Pensions

PPL - Practical Planning Law

PPLR - Public Procurement Law Review

PPM - Professional Practice Management

PR - Property Review

Pract Today - Practice Today

Pract VAT - Practical VAT

Press R - Press Releases

Prison Serv J - Prison Service Journal

Probat J - Probation Journal

Proc ASIL - Proceedings of the American Society of International Law

Prof L - Professional Lawyer

Prof Law (Symposium Issue) - Professional Lawyer: Symposium Issue

Prop LB - Property Law Bulletin

PS - Pensions Systems

PSP - Police Station Practice

PST - Pension Scheme Trustee

Psychol Pub Pol'y & L - Psychology, Public Policy, and Law

PT - Pensions Today

PTPR - Personal Tax Planning Review

Pub Adm - Public Administration

Pub L - Public Law

Pub Land & Resources L Rev - Public Land and Resources Law Review

Pub Law Bull - Public Law Bulletin

Public F - Public Finance

PV - Property Valuer

PW - Patent World

QA - Quarterly Account

QBD or QB - Queen's Bench Division (Law Reports)

QR - Quantum Reports

Quinnipiac Health LJ - Quinnipiac Health Law Journal

Quinnipiac Prob LJ - Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal