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Legal abbreviations - M & N

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M Advice - Money Advice

M Advocate - Maritime Advocate

M Bulletin - Mercer Bulletin European Newsletter

M Direct - Mercer Direct European Communication Newsletter

M EC News - Mercer European Community Newsletter

M Euro News - Mercer European News

M Man - Money Management

M Prospect - Mercer Prospect Eastern European Newsletter

M Review - Mercer Review

M Transatlantic - Mercer Transatlantic

M Update - Mercer Update

M&A Ins Rep - Marine and Aviation Insurance Report

Ma LR - Malaya Law Review

MA - Management Accounting

MAFF - Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Mag - Magistrate

Mal LR - Malaya Law Review

MALQR - Model Arbitration Law Quarterly Reports

Man L - Managerial Law

Man LR - Manitoba Law Reports

Marine IR - Marine Insurance Report

Marpol - Marine Pollution Conventions

Marq Intell Prop L Rev - Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review

Marq L Rev - Marquette Law Review

Marq Sports LJ - Marquette Sports Law Journal

Masons CLR - Masons Computer Law Reports

McGeorge L Rev - McGeorge Law Review

McGill LJ - McGill Law Journal

McK EBB - McKenna Employment Benefits Bulletin

McK Env LB - McKenna Environmental Law Bulletin

McK Euro R - McKenna European Review

McK Law Let - McKenna Law Letter

McK PB - McKenna Pension Brief

McK PLB - McKenna Pension Law Bulletin

MCP - Magistrates' Courts Practice

Md J Int'l L & Trade - Maryland Journal of International Law and Trade

Md L Rev - Maryland Law Review

MDU Jour - Medical Defence Union Journal

Me L Rev - Maine Law Review

MECLR - Middle East Commercial Law Review

Med L Int - Medical Law International

Med L Mon - Medical Law Monitor

Med L Rev - Medical Law Review

Med Leg J - Medico-legal Journal

Med LI - Medical Law International

Med Lit - Medical Litigation

Med LR - Medical Law Reports

Med Sci Law - Medicine, Science and the Law

Mediation Q - Mediation Quarterly:Journal of the Academy of Family Mediators

Mel LJ - Melanesian Law Journal

Mercer L Rev - Mercer Law Review

MFG - Mortgage Finance Gazette

Mich J Gender & L - Michigan Journal of Gender and Law

Mich J Int'l L - Michigan Journal of International Law

Mich J Race & L - Michigan Journal of Race and Law

Mich L Rev - Michigan Law Review

Mich St U-DCL J Int'l L - Michigan State University-DCL Journal of International Law

Mich Telecomm & Tech L Rev - Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review

Milit LR - Military Law Review

MIM - Motor Insurance Market

Minn J Global Trade - Minnesota Journal of Global Trade

Minn L Rev - Minnesota Law Review

MIP - Managing Intellectual Property

Miss CL Rev - Mississippi College Law Review

Miss LJ - Mississippi Law Journal

MJ - Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law

MJLS - Mountbatten Journal of Legal Studies

MLB - Manx Law Bulletin

MLJ - Malayan Law Journal

MLJI - Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland

MLN - Media Lawyer Newsletter

MLR - Manx Law Reports

MLR - Modern Law Review

MM - Money Marketing

Mo Envtl L & Pol'y Rev - Missouri Environmental Law and Policy Review

Mo L Rev - Missouri Law Review

Mod Rep - Modern Reports

Money LB - Money Laundering Bulletin

Mont L Rev - Montana Law Review

Mortgage M - Mortgage Monthly

MR - Media Review

MRDB - Monthly Report Deutsche Bundesbank

MSL L Rev - MSL Law Review

MT&F - Matrimonial Tax and Finance

MTTLR - Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review

MW - Money Week

N Ill UL Rev - Northern Illinois University Law Review

N Ky L Rev - Northern Kentucky Law Review

Nat Resources J - Natural Resources Journal

Nat'l Black LJ - National Black Law Journal

Natwest ITB - National Westminster Bank International Trade Bulletin

NC Bank Inst - North Carolina Banking Institute

NC Cent LJ - North Carolina Central Law Journal

NC J Int'l L & Com Reg - North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation

NC L Rev - North Carolina Law Review

ND L Rev - North Dakota Law Review

ND - New Directions in the Law of the Sea

NE 2d - North Eastern Reporter, 2nd Series

NE - North Eastern Reporter (USA)

Neb L Rev - Nebraska Law Review

NEGRIE - Newsletter of the European Group of Risk and Insurance Economists

New Eng L Rev - New England Law Review

New LJ - New Law Journal

NIER - National Institute of Economic Review

Nig LJ - Nigerian Law Journal

NIJB - Northern Ireland Judgements Bulletin

NIJB - Northern Ireland Law Reports

NILJ - Nigerian Law Journal

NILQ - Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly

NILR or NI - Northern Ireland Law Reports

NLJ or New LJ - New Law Journal

NLT - Northern Law Today

NM L Rev - New Mexico Law Review

NNEC News - Nabarro Nathanson EC News

NNPD - Nabarro Nathanson The Pension Dimension

NNR - Nabarro Nathanson Resource

Notre Dame L Rev - Notre Dame Law Review

Nott LJ - Nottingham Law Journal

Nova L Rev - Nova Law Review

NPC - New Property Cases

NQHR - Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights

NREC Init - Norton Rose M5 Group EC Initiative

NREU Init - Norton Rose M5 Group EU Initiative

NRGQ - Netherlands Reinsurance Group Quarterly

NSWLR - New South Wales Law Reports

NU Forum - NU Forum (Northeastern University School of Law)

NW 2d - North Western Reporter, 2nd Series

Nw J Int'l L & Bus - Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business

Nw UL Rev - Northwestern University Law Review

NW - North Western Reporter (USA)

NWBQR - National Westminster Bank Quarterly Review

NY City L Rev - New York City Law Review

NYL Sch J Hum Rts - New York Law School Journal of Human Rights

NYL Sch J Int'l & Comp L - New York Law School Journal of International and Comparative Law

NYL Sch L Rev - New York Law School Law Review

NYS - New York Supplement

NYU Envtl LJ - New York University Environmental Law Journal

NYU J Int'l L & Pol - New York University Journal of International Law and Politics

NYU J Legis & Pub Pol'y - New York University Journal of Legislation and Public Policy

NYU L Rev - New York University Law Review

NYU Rev L & Soc Change - New York University Review of Law and Social Change

NZCLC - New Zealand Company Law Cases

NZLJ - New Zealand Law Journal

NZLR - New Zealand Law Reports