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Legal abbreviations - L

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L D'I - Lettre D'Information

L Ex - Legal Executive

L Teach - Law teacher

L& Phil - Law and Philosophy

L& Soc Rev - Law and Society Review

L&J - Law and Justice

L&P Comp EC - Linklaters and Paines Competition EC

L&P E&BLN - Linklaters and Paines Employment and Benefits Law Newsletter

L&P EC Law - Linklaters and Paines European Community Law

L&P FS News - Linklaters and Paines Financial Services Newsfile

L&P IF News - Linklaters and Paines Investment Funds Newsfile

L&P IM Rep - Linklaters and Paines Internal Market Report

L&P IPN - Linklaters and Paines Intellectual Property News

L&P PLN - Linklaters and Paines Property Law Now

L&T Review - Landlord and Tenant Review

L&TR - Landlord and Tenant Reports

L Ed - United States Supreme Court Reports (Lawyers' Edition)

La L Rev - Louisiana Law Review

La Raza LJ - La Raza Law Journal

LAG Bull - Legal Action Group Bulletin

LAG - Legal Action Group

LAL - Local Authority Law

Law & Contemp Probs - Law and Contemporary Problems

Law & Crit - Law and Critique

Law & Critique - Law and Critique

Law & Hist Rev - Law and History Review

Law & Hum Behav - Law and Human Behavior

Law & Ineq - Law and Inequality

Law & Just - Law and Justice

Law & Pol - Law and Policy

Law & Pol'y Int'l Bus - Law and Policy in International Business

Law & Soc Inquiry - Law and Social Inquiry: Journal of the American Bar Foundation

Law & Soc'y Rev - Law and Society Review

Law & Tax R - Law and Tax Review

Law for Bus - Law for Business

Law in Eur - Lawyers in Europe

Law Lib J - Law Library Journal

Law Lib - Law Librarian

Law Mag - Law Magazine

Law Rev Mich St U-Det CL - Law Review of Michigan State University Detroit College of Law

Law Teach - Law Teacher

Lawy - Lawyer

LBEB - Lloyds Bank Economic Bulletin

LC News - Law Centres News

LC&AI - Law, Computers and Artificial Intelligence

LC - Lord Chancellor

LCP - Law and Contemporary Problems

LD - Legal Director

LE - Lawyers' Europe

LF - Litigation Funding

LG&L - Local Government and Law

LG Rev - Local Government Review

LGC Law & Admin - Local Government Chronicle Law and Administration

LGC - Local Government Chronicle

LGD - Law, Social Justice and Global Development

LGLR - Local Government Law Reports

LGR or LG Rev - Local Government Review

LGR Rep - Local Government Review Reports

LGR - Local Government Reports

LI Rep - Lloyd's List Reports (pre 1951)

LLF - Liberty, Life and Family

LIEI - Legal Issues of Economic Integration

LII - Life Insurance International

LIM - Legal Information Management

Link AWS - Link AWS

Lit L - Litigation Letter

Lit - Litigation

Liv LR - Liverpool Law Review

LJ - Law Journal

LJI - Legal Journals Index

LJR - Law Journal Reports

Ll Ins Int - Lloyd's Insurance International

Ll Log - Lloyd's Log

Ll News - Lloyd's of London Newsletter

Ll Rep - Lloyd's List Reports (before 1951)

LLID - Lloyd's List Insurance Day

LLJ - Law Library Journal

Lloyd's List - Lloyd's List

Lloyd's Rep Bank - Lloyd's Banking Law Reports

Lloyd's Rep IR - Lloyd's Law Reports Insurance and Reinsurance

Lloyd's Rep Med - Lloyd's Medical Law Reports

Lloyd's Rep PN - Lloyd's Law Reports Professional Negligence

Lloyd's Rep - Lloyd's List Law Reports (after 1951)

LMCLQ - Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly

LMELR - Land Management and Environmental Law Report

LMLN - Lloyd's Maritime Law Newsletter

LMN - London Market Newsletter

LN - Law Notes

Loy Consumer L Rev - Loyola Consumer Law Review

Loy L Rev - Loyola Law Review

Loy LA Ent LJ - Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Journal

Loy LA Int'l & Comp L Rev - Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review

Loy LA L Rev - Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review

Loy U Chi LJ - Loyola University Chicago Law Journal

LP - Lord President

LQR - Law Quarterly Review

LR A&E - Law Reports: Admiralty and Ecclesiastical

LR CCR - Law Reports: Crown Cases Reserved 1865-75

LR CP - Law Reports: Common Pleas 1865-75

LR Dig - Law Reports: Digest of Cases

LR Eq - Law Reports: Equity 1865-75

LR Eq - Law Reports: Exchequer 1865-75

LR HL Sc & Div or LR HL Sc - Law Reports: House of Lords Scotch and Divorce Appeals 1866-75

LR HL - Law Reports: English and Irish Appeals 1865-75

LR Ir - Law Reports: Ireland 1878/9-1903

LR P&D - Law Reports: Probate and Divorce 1865-75

LR PC - Law Reports: Privy Council 1965-74

LR QB - Law Reports: Queen's Bench 1865-75

LR Stat - Law Reports Statutes

LR&I - Liability Risk and Insurance

LR - Licensing Review

LRC (Comm) - Law Reports of the Commonwealth

LRLR - Lloyd's Reinsurance Law Reports

LRRP - Reports of restrictive practices cases

LS or Leg Stud - Legal Studies

LS - Legal Studies

LSG or LS Gaz - Law Society's Gazette

LSQ - Legislative Studies Quarterly

LSR - Locus Standi Reports

LT - Law Times

LTJ - Law Technology Journal

LTR - Law Times Reports

LWD EC News - Lovell White Durrant EC Newsletter

LWD LAP - Lovell White Durrant Legal Advice on Pensions