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Legal abbreviations - I

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I Bull - Interights Bulletin

I Prop - Intellectual Property

I&CTL - Information and Communications Technology Law

I&NL&P - Immigration and Nationality Law and Practice

I&PE - Investment and Pensions Europe

I Bull - Interights Bulletin

IALS Bull - Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Bulletin

IANL - Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law

IAT - Immigration Appeal Tribunal

IBFL - International Banking and Financial Law

IBIS Rep - International Benefits Information Service Report

IBIS Review - International Benefits Information Service Review

IBL - International Business Lawyer

IBR - Irish Banking Review

IC Lit - International Commercial Litigation

IC - Investors Chronicle

ICCLJ - International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal

ICCLR - International Company and Commercial Law Review

ICCPR - UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966

ICESCR - UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 1966

ICJ - International Court of Justice

ICL Rev - International Construction Law Review

ICL - International Corporate Law

ICLB - International Corporate Law Bulletin

ICLJ - Irish Criminal Law Journal

ICLQ - International and Comparative Law Quarterly

ICLR - International Construction Law Review

ICR - Industrial Cases Reports


Idaho L Rev - Idaho Law Review

IDS Brief - IDS Brief, Employment Law and Practice

IDS Emp E - IDS Employment Europe

IDS Euro R - IDS European Report

IDS PLR - IDS Pensions Law Reports

IDS PSB - IDS Pensions Service Bulletin

IELTR - International Energy Law and Taxation Review

IFA Review - Independent Financial Adviser Review

IFL Rev - International Financial Law Review

IFL - International Family Law

IFLP - Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals

IHL or In-House L - In-House Lawyer

IIB Mag - Institute of Insurance Brokers Magazine

IIC - International Review of Industrial Property and Copyright Law

IIEL - Immigration and International Employment Law

III - Insurance Industry International

IIL Rev - International Internet Law Review

IILR - Irish Insurance Law Review

IIPR - Irish Intellectual Property Review

IIR - International Insolvency Review

IIU - Insurance Issues Update

IJBL - International Journal of Biosciences and the Law

IJCLP - International Journal of Communications Law and Policy

IJDL - International Journal of Discrimination and the Law

IJECL&P - International Journal of Electronic Commerce Law and Practice

IJECL - International Journal of Estuarine and Coastal Law

IJEL - Irish Journal of European Law

IJFDL - International Journal of Franchising and Distribution Law

IJFL - Irish Journal of Family Law

IJGLS - Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

IJIL - International Journal of Insurance Law

IJL&IT - International Journal of Law and Information Technology

IJLF - International Journal of Law and the Family

IJLP - International Journal of the Legal Profession

IJLR - International Journal of Refugee Law

IJMCL - International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law

IJOSL - International Journal Of Shipping Law

IJRL&P - International Journal of Regulatory Law and Practice

IJRL - International Journal of Refugee Law

IJSL - International Journal for the Semiotics of Law

IJT - Irish Journal of Taxation

IL & P - Insolvency Law and practice

IL Pr - International Litigation Procedure

IL&P - Insolvency Law and Practice

ILFM - International Law Firm Management

ILJ or Ind LJ - Industrial Law Journal

ILJ - Industrial Law Journal

ILM - International Legal Materials

ILP - Index to Legal Periodicals

ILP - International Legal Practitioner

ILR - Independent Law Report

ILR - International Labour Review

ILR - International Law Reports

ILRM - Irish Law Reports Monthly

ILSA J Int'l & Comp L - ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law

ILT - Irish Law times

IM&E - Insurance: Mathematics and Economics

IML - International Media Law

Imm & Nat L&P - Immigration and Nationality Law and Practice

Imm AR - Immigration Appeal Reports

In Comp - In Competition

Ind Int'l & Comp L Rev - Indiana International and Comparative Law Review

Ind J Global Legal Stud - Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

Ind L Rev - Indiana Law Review

Ind LJ - Indiana Law Journal

Ind Prop - Industrial Property

Ind Sol - Independent Solicitor

Info TLR - Information Technology Law Reports

IHL - In-House Lawyer

INL - Internet Newsletter for Lawyers

INLR - Immigration and Nationality Law Reports

Ins & Reins Law Int - Insurance and Reinsurance Law International

Ins Age - Insurance Age

Ins Int - Insurance International

Ins L&C - Insurance Law and Claims

Ins L&P - Insurance Law and Practice

Ins LJ - Insurance Law Journal

Ins LM - Insurance Law Monthly

Ins L&P - Insolvency Law and practice or Insurance Law and practice

Insolv B - Insolvency Bulletin

Insolv Int - Insolvency Intelligence

Insolv L&P - Insolvency Litigation and Practice

Insolv L - Insolvency Lawyer

Insolv P - Insolvency Practitioner

Insolvency - Insolvency

Int ALR - International Arbitration Law Review

Int Bank L - International Banking Law

Int Broker - International Broker

Int ILR - International Insurance Law Review

Int IR - International Insurance Report

Int J Comp LLIR - International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Int J Law & Fam - International Journal of Law and the Family

Int J Soc L - International Journal of the Sociology of Law

Int L - International Lawyer

Int ML - International Maritime Law

Int Rel - International Relations

Int Rev Law & Econ - International Review of Law and Economics

Int SLR - International Sports Law Review

Int TLR - International Trade Law and Regulation

Int J Comp LLIR - International Journal of Comparative Law and Industrial Relations

Int J Law & Fam - International Journal of Law and the Family

Int J Soc L - International Journal of the Sociology of Law

Int Rel - International Relations

Intertax - Intertax

Int'l & Comp L Rev - International and Comparative Law Review

Int'l & Comp LQ - International and Comparative Law Quarterly

Int'l Envtl Aff - International Environmental Affairs

Int'l J Legal Prof - International Journal of the Legal Profession

Int'l Law - International Lawyer

Int'l Rev L & Econ - International Review of Law and Economics

Inv Man - Investment Management

Iowa L Rev - Iowa Law Review

IP Business - Intellectual Property Business

IP Law - Intellectual Property Lawyer

IP News - Intellectual Property Newsletter

IP&IT Law - Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law

IP&T - Intellectual Property and Technology

IP - Intellectual Property

IP - International Peacekeeping

IPB Rev Brief - Intellectual Property in Business Briefing

IPB Rev - Intellectual Property in Business Review

IPDR - Intellectual Property Decision Reports

IPELJ - Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal

IPL - International Pension Lawyer

IPQ - Intellectual Property Law Quarterly

IPQ - Intellectual property Quarterly

IPR - Intellectual property Reports

Ir BL - Irish Business Law

Ir Jur - Irish Jurist

Ir R or IR - Irish Reports (Eire)

Ir TR - Irish Tax Review

Ir Jur Rep - Irish Jurist Reports

Ir Jur - Irish Jurist

IRB - Internal Revenue Bulletin

IRC - Internal Revenue Code

IRLA - Insurance and Reinsurance Law Alert

IRLB - Industrial Relations Law Bulletin

IRLCT - International Review of Law Computers and Technology

IRLIB - Industrial Relations Legal Information Bulletin

IRLM - Irish Law Reports Monthly

IRLN - Insurance and Reinsurance Law Newsletter

IRLR - Industrial Relations Law Reports

IRRR - Industrial Relations Review and Report

IRS Emp Law - IRS Employment Law

IRS Emp Trends - IRS Employment Trends

IRSR - Insurance and Reinsurance Solvency Report

IRTB - Inland Revenue Tax Bulletin

IRV - International Review of Victimology

ISB - Insurance Systems Bulletin

ISBA L&RR - ISBA Legislative and Regulatory Review

ISI - Insurance Systems International

ISLN - International Standards Lawyer Number

ISLR - Irish Student Law Review

ISR - International Securitisation Report

IT & Comm News - Information Technology and Communications Newsletter

IT Rep - International Tax Report

IT Rev - International Tax Review

IT&CLJ - Information Technology and Communications Law Journal

IT&CLR - IT and Communications Law Reports

IT - Industrial Tribunal

ITELR - International Trust and Estate Law Reports

ITI - Information Technology in Insurance

ITL Rep - International Tax Law Reports

ITLJ - International Travel Law Journal

ITLQ - International Trade Law Quarterly

ITLR - International Technology Law Review

ITLT - IT Law Today

ITPJ - International Transfer Pricing Journal

ITR - Industrial Tribunals Reports

IVM - International VAT Monitor

IYLCT - International Yearbook of Law, Computers and Technology