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Legal abbreviations - F, G & H

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F 2d - Federal Reporter, 2nd Series

F 3d - Federal Reporter, 3rd Series

F Supp 2d - Federal Supplement, 2nd Series

F Supp - Federal Supplement (USA)

F&CL - Finance and Credit Law

F&D - Finance and Development

F&DLR - Futures and Derivatives Law Review

F&P - Encyclopedia Forms and Precedents

F - Federal Reporter (USA)

FA - Financial Adviser

Fam Law B or Fam LB - Family Law Bulletin

Fam Law - Family Law

Fam LJ - Family Law Journal

Fam LQ - Family Law Quarterly

Fam LR - Family Law Reports

Fam M - Family Matters

Fam Med - Family Mediation

Fam or FD or FDLR - Family Division (Law Reports)

Fam - Family Division

Farm T&F - Farm Tax and Finance

Farm TB - Farm Tax Brief

FCR - Family Court Reporter (Australia)

FCR - Federal Court Reports (Australia)

FCR - Federal Court Reports (Canada)

FD (LR) - Family Division (Law Reports)

FD&DIB - Food, Drinks and Drugs Industry Bulletin

FE&PI - Freshfields Employment and Pensions Issues

Fed R Bankr P - Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure

Fed R Crim P - Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

Fed R Evid - Federal Rules of Evidence

Fed Comm LJ - Federal Communications Law Journal

Fed Reg - Federal Register

Fem LS - Feminist Legal Studies

FI - Fraud Intelligence

Fin Con - Finance Confidential

Fin LR - Financial Law Reports

FITAR - Financial Instruments Tax and Accounting Review

Fla Coastal LJ - Florida Coastal Law Journal

Fla Ent Art & Sport LJ - Florida Entertainment, Art and Sport Law Journal

Fla J Int'l L - Florida Journal of International Law

Fla L Rev - Florida Law Review

Fla St U L Rev - Florida State University Law Review

Fla Tax Rev - Florida Tax Review

FLR - Family Law Reports

FLR - Federal Law Reports (Australia)

FLT - Family Law Today

FM - Financial Management

Food & Drugs IB - Food and Drugs Industry Bulletin

Food LM - Food Law Monthly

Fordham Envtl LJ - Fordham Environmental Law Journal

Fordham Int'l LJ - Fordham International Law Journal

Fordham L Rev - Fordham Law Review

Fordham Urb LJ - Fordham Urban Law Journal

Foresight - Foresight

FPB - Four Pillars Bulletin

FPR - Family Proceedings Rules

FR&FN - Financial Reinsurance and Futures Newsletter

FR - Federal Reporter

FR - Financial Regulator

FRBNYQR - Federal Reserve Bank of New York Quarterly Review

FRCP - Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

FRI - Financial Regulation International

FRN - Financial Reinsurance Newsletter

FRR - Financial Regulation Report

FS Bulletin - Financial Services Bulletin

FSA - Financial Services Association or Family Support Agency

FSB - Financial Services Brief

FSC - Federal Supreme Court

FSLJ - Financial Services Law Journal

FSLL - Financial Services Law Letter

FSR - Fleet Street Reports

FTCR - Financial Times Commercial Law Reports

FTI - Financial Technology Insight

FTLR - Financial Times Law Reports

Ga J Int'l & Comp L - Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law

Ga L Rev - Georgia Law Review

Ga St U L Rev - Georgia State University Law Review

GATT - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

GCR - Global Competition Review

Gen Ins - General Insurance

Geo Immigr LJ - Georgetown Immigration Law Journal

Geo Int'l Envtl L Rev - Georgetown International Environmental Law Review

Geo J Gender & L - Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law

Geo J Legal Ethics - Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics

Geo J on Poverty L & Pol'y - Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy

Geo LJ - Georgetown Law Journal

Geo Mason L Rev - George Mason Law Review

Geo Mason U Civ Rts LJ - George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal

Geo Wash Int'l L Rev - George Washington International Law Review

Geo Wash L Rev - George Washington Law Review

GILSI - Gazette Incorporated Law Society of Ireland

GL&B - Global Law and Business

GLJ - Guernsey Law Journal

GLSI - Gazette of the Law Society Ireland

Golden Gate U L Rev - Golden Gate University Law Review

Gonz L Rev - Gonzaga Law Review

GPRIIP - Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Issues and Practice

GPRIT - Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Theory

GR - Global Reinsurance

GRA - Global Re Analysis

GPNRJ - Great Plains Natural Resources Journal

GWD - Green's Weekly Digest

H&SB - Health and Safety Bulletin

H&SM - Health and Safety Monitor

H&SW - Health and Safety at Work

Haldane SELB - Haldane Society Employment Law Bulletin

HALL - Health and Law Letter

Hamline J Pub L & Pol'y - Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy

Hamline L Rev - Hamline Law Review

Harv BlackLetter LJ - Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal

Harv CR-CL L Rev - Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review

Harv Envtl L Rev - Harvard Environmental Law Review

Harv Hum Rts J - Harvard Human Rights Journal

Harv Int'l LJ - Harvard International Law Journal

Harv J on Legis - Harvard Journal on Legislation

Harv JL & Pub Pol'y - Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy

Harv JL & Tech - Harvard Journal of Law and Technology

Harv Latino L Rev - Harvard Latino Law Review

Harv LR - Harvard Law Review

Harv Negotiation L Rev - Harvard Negotiation Law Review

Harv Women's LJ - Harvard Women's Law Journal

Hastings COMM/ENT LJ - Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal (COMM/ENT)

Hastings Const LQ - Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly

Hastings Int'l & Comp L Rev - Hastings International and Comparative Law Review

Hastings LJ - Hastings Law Journal

Hastings Women's LJ - Hastings Women's Law Journal

HCWIB - House of Commons Weekly Information Bulletin

Health Law - Health Law for Healthcare Professionals

HILJ - Harvard International Law Journal

HKLJ - Hong Kong Law Journal

HL or Hals Laws - Halsbury's Laws

HL - House of Lords

HLA - Halsbury's Laws of England Annual Abridgment

HLJ - Hibernian Law Journal

HLM - Housing Law Monitor

HLMR - Halsbury's Laws Monthly Review

HLR - Housing Law Reports

HMIT - Her Majesty's Inspector of Taxes

HMSO - Her Majesty's Stationary Office

Hofstra L & Pol'y Symp - Hofstra Law and Policy Symposium

Hofstra L Rev - Hofstra Law Review

Hofstra Lab LJ - Hofstra Labor Law Journal

Hold LR - Holdsworth Law Review

Hous J Int'l L - Houston Journal of International Law

Hous L Rev - Houston Law Review

Hous LR - Greens Housing Law Reports

How LJ - Howard Law Journal

How Scroll - Howard Scroll: The Social Justice Review

Howard Journal - Howard Journal of Criminal Justice

HR&UKP - Human Rights and UK Practice

HR - Human Rights

HRCD - Human Rights Case Digest

HRJ - Human Rights Journal (shelved as Revue des droits de l'homme)

HRLJ - Human Rights Law Journal

HRQ - Human Rights Quarterly

HS Brief - Herbert Smith Briefing

HS - Halsbury's Statutes

HS - Hazardous Substances

HSI - Halsbury's Statutory Instruments

HSIB - Health and Safety Information Bulletin

Hull CA - Hull Claims Analysis

Hum Rts Q - Human Rights Quarterly