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Legal abbreviations - D & E

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D&P - Development and Planning

D&R - Decision and Reports of European Commission on Human Rights

DC - Divisional Court

DCJ - Defence Counsel Journal

DCMS - Department for Culture, Media and Sport

DD&RM - Due Diligence and Risk Managment

De Voil ITI - De Voil Indirect Tax Intelligence

Del J Corp L - Delaware Journal of Corporate Law

Denning LJ - Denning Law Journal

Denv J Intl'l L & Pol'y - Denver Journal of International Law and Policy

Denv U L Rev - Denver University Law Review

DePaul Bus LJ - DePaul Business Law Journal

DePaul J Health Care L - DePaul Journal of Health Care Law

DePaul L Rev - DePaul Law Review

DETR - Department for the Environment, Transport and the Regions

DfEE - Department for Education and Employment

DFI - Derivatives and Financial Instruments

DHB&WF&T News - Denton Hall Burgin and Warren Film and Television Newsletter

DHEL - Denton Hall Energy Law

DHEN - Denton Hall Employment Newsletter

DHIT News - Denton Hall Information Technology Newsletter

DHPN - Denton Hall Pensions Newsletter

DHTI News - Denton Hall The Interface Newsletter

DI Bank & FN - Denton International Banking and Finance Newsletter

DI Comp & EC N - Denton International Competition and EC Newsletter

Dick J Envtl L & Pol'y - Dickinson Journal of Environmental Law and Policy

Dick J Int'l L - Dickinson Journal of International Law

Dick L Rev - Dickinson Law Review

DICS - Denton International Creative Spark

DIFT News - Denton International Film and Television Newsletter

Dig - The Digest/The English and Empire Digest

Dir - Directive

DL - Daily List

DLB Bus Brief - Dibb Lupton Broomhead Business Brief

DLi - DLi University College Galway Law Graduates Association Gazette

DLR - Discrimination Law Reports

DLR - Dominion Law Reports

DP&PP - Data Protection and Privacy Practice

Dr & Soc - Droit et Société

Dr Ad - Droit Administrative

Dr Soc - Droit Social

Drake L Rev - Drake Law Review

Duke Envtl L & Pol'y F - Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum

Duke J Comp & Int'l L - Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law

Duke J Gender L & Pol'y - Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy

Duke LJ - Duke Law Journal

DULJ - Dublin University Law Journal

Duq L Rev - Duquesne Law Review

E&L - Education and the Law

E&P - International Journal of Evidence and Proof

EAF - European Accounting Focus

EAT - Employment Appeals Tribunal

EB Mag - Environment Business Magazine

EBJ - Employee Benefits Journal

EBL Rev - European Business Law Review

EBL - Electronic Business Law

EBLR - Electronic Business Law Reports

EBLR - European business Law Review

EBM - European Business Monitor

EBOR - European Business Organization Law Review

Ec Aff - Economic Affairs

EC CPN - European Commission Competition Policy Newsletter

EC EM - EC Energy Monthly

EC FLM - EC Food Law Monthly

EC PR - EC Packaging Report

Ec Rev - Economic Review

EC TJ - EC Tax Journal

EC TR - EC Tax Review

ECA - Elderly Client Adviser

Ecc LJ - Ecclesiastical Law Journal

ECC - European Commercial Cases

ECDR - European Copyright and Design Reports

ECHR - European Court of Human Rights

ECJ - Environmental Claims Journal

ECJ - European Court of Justice

ECL Rep - E-Commerce Law Reports

ECL&P - E-Commerce Law and Policy

ECL - European Corporate Lawyer

ECL - European Current Law

ECLR - European Competition Law Review

Eco M&A - Eco-Management and Auditing

Ecology LQ - Ecology Law Quarterly

ECR - European Court Reports

Ed CR - Education Case Reports

Ed Law - Education Law Journal

Ed LM - Education Law Monitor

EDD&RM - Environmental Due Diligence and Risk Management

EDI LR - Electronic Data Interchange Law Review

Edin LR - Edinburgh Law Review

EE - Employee

EEBL - East European Business Law

EEC - European Economic Community

EEFN - Eastern European Forum Newsletter

EEIR - East European Insurance Report

EELR - European Environmental Law Review

EFA Rev - European Foreign Affairs Review

EFSL - European Financial Services Law

EG or Est Gaz - Estates Gazette

EG(CS) - Estates Gazette Case Summaries

EGLR - Estates Gazette Law Reports

EHLR - Environmental Health Law Reports

EHRR - European Human Rights Reports

EIB - Environment Information Bulletin

EIM - European Insurance Market

EIPR - European Intellectual Property Review

EIRR - European Industrial Relations Review

EIS - European Insurance Strategies

EJCL - Electronic Journal of Comparative Law

EJEL&P - European Journal for Education Law and Policy

EJHL - European Journal of Health Law

EJIL - European Journal of International Law

EJLR - European Journal of Law Reform

EJML - European Journal of Migration and Law

EJRB - Environmental Judicial Review Bulletin

EJSS - European Journal of Social Security

EL Rev - European Law Review

EL&PD - European Life and Pensions Digest

EL - Equitable Lawyer

ELA Briefing - Employment Lawyers Association Briefing

E-Law Rev - E-Law Review

ELB - Environment Law Brief

Elder LJ - Elder Law Journal

ELF - Elder Law and Finance

ELJ - European Law Journal

ELLR - Environmental Liability Law Review

ELQ - Ecology Law Quarterly

ELR - Education Law Reports

ELR - European Law Review

EM - European Mergers

EMI - Emerging Markets Investor

EMLR - Entertainment and Media Law Reports

Emory Int'l L Rev - Emory International Law Review

Emory LJ - Emory Law Journal

Emp L Brief - Employment Law Briefing

Emp L&L - Employment Law and Litigation

Emp Law - Employment Lawyer

Emp LB - Employment Law Bulletin

Emp Lit - Employment Litigation

Emp LJ - Employment Law Journal

Emp LN - Employment Law Newsletter

Employee Rts & Emp Pol'y J - Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal

ENDS - ENDS Report

ENPR - European National Patent Reports

Env L Rev - Environmental Law Review

Env Law Mgmt or ELM - Environmental Law and Management

Env Law - Environmental Law

Env LB - Environmental Law Bulletin

Env Liability - Environmental Liability

Env LM - Environmental Law Monthly

Env LN - Environmental Law Newsletter

Env LR - Environmental Law Reports

Env Man - Environmental Manager

Env Risk - Environmental Risk

Envtl L - Environmental Law

Envtl Law - Environmental Lawyer

EOC - Equal Opportunities Commission

EOR Dig - Equal Opportunities Review Discrimination Law Case Digest

EOR - Equal Opportunities Review

EP&L - Environmental Policy and Law

EPEF - Economic Policy: A European Forum

EPL - European Public Law

EPLC Brief - European Pharma Law Centre Brief

EPLI - Education, Public Law and the Individual

EPO - European Patent Office

EPOR - European Patent Office Reports

ER - Employer

ER - English Reports

ERPL - European Review of Private Law

ET - Employment Tribunal

ET - Estates Times

ETMR - European Trade Mark Reports

ETS - European Treaty Series

EU Brief Notes - EU Briefing Notes

EU Focus - EU Focus

Eu LF - European Legal Forum

Eu LR - European Law Reports

EU News - European Union News

EU - European Union

Eur Access - European Access

Eur Counsel - European Counsel

Eur J Crime Cr L Cr J - European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Eur LM - European Law Monitor

Eur Access - European Access

Euro Env - European Environment

Euro Law - European Lawyer

Euro LB - European Legal Business

Euro LM - European Law Monitor

Euro Tax - European Taxation

Euro TL or Eur TL - European Transport Law

Euromoney - Euromoney

Eurosafety - Eurosafety

EWCA Civ - Court of Appeal Civil (England and Wales)

EWCA Crim - Court of Appeal Criminal (England and Wales)

EWCB - European Works Councils Bulletin

EWHC Admin - Divisional Court/Administrative Court (England and Wales)

Exp - Experiodica