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Legal abbreviations - C

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C & SLJ - Company and Securities Law Journal

C Bank - Central Banking

C McK Env LB - CMS Cameron McKenna Environmental Law Bulletin

C Risk - Clinical Risk

C&CC - Consumer and Commercial Contracts

C&EEBLB - Central and East European Business Law Bulletin

C&EL - Construction and Engineering Law

C&FL - Credit and Finance Law

C&FLU - Child and Family Law Update

CA Mag - Chartered Accountant Magazine

CA - Certified Accountant

CA - Court of Appeal

Cal Code Reg - California Code of Regulations

Cal Code - California Code

Cal L Rev or Cal LR - California Law Review

Cal W Int'l LJ - California Western International Law Journal

Cal W L Rev - California Western Law Review

Cambrian LR - Cambrian Law Review

Campbell L Rev - Campbell Law Review

Can BR or CBR - Canadian Bar Review

Can Ins - Canadian Insurance

Can JLI - Canadian Journal of Life Insurance

Can Bar J - Canadian Bar Journal

Can BR - Canadian Bar Review

Can-US LJ - Canada-United States Law Journal

Cap Def J - Capital Defence Journal

Cap Tax - Capital Taxes

Cap U L Rev - Capital University Law Review

CAR(S) - Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)

CAR - Criminal Appeal Reports

Cardozo Arts & Ent LJ - Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal

Cardozo J Int'l & Comp L - Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law

Cardozo L Rev - Cardozo Law Review

Cardozo Stud L & Lit - Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature

Cardozo Women's LJ - Cardozo Women's Law Journal

Case W Res J Int'l L - Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law

Case W Res L Rev - Case Western Reserve Law Review

Cath U L Rev - Catholic University Law Review

CBLJ - Canadian Business Law Journal

CBSI Jour - Chartered Building Societies Institute Journal

cc - Chapters

CC - Corporate Cover

CCA - Cargo Claims Analysis

CCB&EB - Clifford Chance Benefits and Employment Bulletin

CCCR - Consumer Credit Law Reports

CCF - Child Care Forum

CCL Rep - Community Care Law Reports

CCLR - Consumer Credit Law Reports

CCLT - Canadian Cases on the Law of Torts (1976-)

CCMLR - Clifford Chance Media Law Review

CCR - California Code of Regulations

CCR - County Court Rules

CDE - Cahiers de Droit Européen

CDFN - Clinical Disputes Forum Newsletter

CE - Central European

CEC - Commission of the European Communities

CEC - European Community Cases

CEPR - Council of Europe Press Release

CF - Corporate Finance

CFILR - Company Financial and Insolvency Law Review

CFLQ - Child and Family Law Quarterly

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CG - Corporate Governance

CGTB - Capital Gains Tax Brief

Ch App - Chancery Appeal (Law Reports)

Ch D or Ch - Chancery Division (Law Reports)

Chapman L Rev - Chapman Law Review

Charities M - Charities Management

Chart I - Charter-Party International

Chi J Int'l L - Chicago Journal of International Law

Chicano L Rev - Chicano-Latino Law Review

Chi-Kent L Rev - Chicago-Kent Law Review

Childright - Childright

CHRLD - Commonwealth Human Rights Law Digest

CIC Reps - Captive Insurance Company Reports

CIC Rev - Captive Insurance Company Review

CICB - Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

CIF - Coming Into Force

CII Jour - Chartered Insurance Institute Journal

CIL - Contemporary Issues in Law

CILJSA - Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa

CILL - Construction Industry Law Letter

CIPAJ - Chartered Institute of Patent Agents Journal

Civ Lit - Civil Litigation

Civ PB - Civil Practice Bulletin

CJ Europe - Criminal Justice Europe

CJQ - Civil Justice Quarterly

CJQ - Criminal Justice Quarterly

CJRB - Commercial Judicial Review Bulletin

CJS - Corpus Juris Secundum

CL & P - Computer Law and Practice

CL Pract - Commercial Law Practitioner

CL&P - Computer Law and Practice

CL&PR - Charity Law and Practice Review

CL - Current Law

CL - Current Law Monthly Digest

CLB - Commonwealth Law bulletin

CLC - Commercial Law Cases

CLD - Company Lawyer Digest

CLE - Commercial Law of Europe

CLEA Newsletter - Commonwealth Legal Education Association Newsletter

Clev St L Rev - Cleveland State Law Review

CLI - Commodity Law International

Clinical L Rev - Clinical Law Review

CLJ - Cambridge Law Journal

CLL Rev - Commercial Liability Law Review

CLL - Corporate Legal Letter

CLLR - City of London Law Review

CLM - Company Law Monitor

CLMD - Current Law Monthly Digest

CLN - Construction Law Newsletter

CLP - Current Legal Problems

CLQ - Civil Justice Quarterly

CLR - Commonwealth Law Reports (Australia)

CLSR - Computer Law and Security Report

CLW - Current Law Week

CLY or CLYB - Current Law Year Book

Cm - Command Paper (1986 to date)

CM - Compliance Monitor

CMAC - Court-Martial Appeal Court

Cmd - Command Paper (of series published 1919-1956)

CMIR - Continuous Mortality Investigation Reports

CML Rev - Common Market Law Review

CMLNU - Council Mortgage Lenders News Update

CMLR - Common Market Law Reports

CMLRev - Common Market Law Review

Cmnd - Command Paper (of series published 1956 to 1985)

Co Acc - Company Accountant

Co L Dig - Company Law Digest

Co Law - Company Lawyer

COD - Crown Office Digest

COI DL - COI Daily List

Colo J Int'l Envtl L & Pol'y - Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy

Colum Bus L Rev - Columbia Business Law Review

Colum Hum Rts L Rev - Columbia Human Rights Law Review

Colum J Asian L - Columbia Journal of Asian Law

Colum J Envtl L - Columbia Journal of Environmental Law

Colum J Eur L - Columbia Journal of European Law

Colum J Gender & L - Columbia Journal of Gender and Law

Colum J Transnat'l L - Columbia Journal of Transnational Law

Colum JL & Soc Probs - Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems

Colum L Rev - Columbia Law Review

Colum-VLA JL & Arts - Columbia-VLA Journal of Law and the Arts

Com Jud J - Commonwealth Judicial Journal

Com LL - Commonwealth Law Librarian

Com Cas - Commercial Cases

Com Jud J - Commonwealth Judicial Journal

Comm Law - Commercial Lawyer

Comm Leases - Commercial Leases

Comm LJ - Commercial Law Journal

Comm Prop - Commercial Property

CommLaw Conspectus - CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy

Comms L - Communications Law

Comp & Law - Computers and Law

Comp Lab L & Pol'y J - Comparative Labor Law Journal and Policy Journal

Comp Law EC - Competition Law in the European Communities

Comp Law - Company Lawyer

Comp LM - Competition Law Monitor

Comp LP - Computer Law and Practice

Con LD - Construction Law Digest

Con LR - Construction Law Reports

Cong Rec - Congressional Record

Conn Ins LJ - Connecticut Insurance Law Journal

Conn J Int'l L - Connecticut Journal of International Law

Conn L Rev - Connecticut Law Review

Cons & Mar Law - Consumer and Marketing Law

Cons L Today - Consumer Law Today

Cons Law - Construction Law

Const Comm - Constitutional Commentary

Const LJ - Construction Law Journal

Const Ref - Constitutional Reform

Const LJ - Construction Law Journal

Consum LJ - Consumer Law Journal

Consumer C - Consumer Credit

Conv (NS) - Conveyancer and Property Lawyer (New Series)

Cornell Int'l LJ - Cornell International Law Journal

Cornell JL & Pub Pol'y - Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy

Cornell LR - Cornell Law Review

Corp Brief - Corporate Briefing

Corp C - Corporate Counsel

Costs LR - Costs Law Reports

Cox CC - Cox's Criminal Cases

CP Rep - Civil Procedure Reports

CP Rev - Consumer Policy Review

CP - Common Pleas (Law Reports)

CPC - Carswell's practice cases

CPCU Jour - Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters Journal

CPL - Current Property Law

CPLJ - Conveyancing and Property Law Journal

CPLR - Civil Practice Law Reports

CPN - Civil Procedure News

CPR - Civil Procedure Rules 1998

CPS - Crown Prosecution Service

Cr App R (S) - Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)

Cr App R - Criminal Appeal Reports

CRC - UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989

Creighton L Rev - Creighton Law Review

Crim & Delin - Crime and Delinquency

Crim L Forum - Criminal Law Forum

Crim Law - Criminal Lawyer

Crim LB - Criminal Law Bulletin

Crim LQ - Criminal Law Quarterly

Crim LR - Criminal Law Review

Crim LJ - Criminal Law Journal

CS Bull - Credit Suisse Bulletin

CS - Corporate Solutions

CSA - Child Support Agency

Csl - Counsel

CSR - Company Secretary's Review

CSW - Chartered Surveyor Weekly

CT & EPQ - Capital Taxes and Estate Planning Quarterly

Ct Cl - The United States Court of Federal Claims Reporter

CT News & Reps - Capital Taxes News and Reports

CTLR - Computer and Telecommunications Law Review

CTP - Capital Tax Planning

CTR - Corporate Tax Review

Cumb L Rev - Cumberland Law Review

CW - Copyright World

CYELS - Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies