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Legal abbreviations - B

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B Ire - Banking Ireland

B News - Business News

B&C Int - Benefits and Compensation International

B&FT - Banking and Financial Training

B&MEBL - Baker and McKenzie Employee Benefits Law

B&MEL - Baker and McKenzie Employment Law

B&MPL&EB - Baker and McKenzie Pensions Law and Employee Benefits

B&MPL - Baker and McKenzie Pensions Law

B&WA - Bacon and Woodrow Analysis

B&WP - Bacon and Woodrow Primer

BAJ - British Actuarial Journal

Bank LR - Banking Law Reports

Bankers Mag - Bankers Magazine

Bankr Dev J - Bankruptcy Developments Journal

Bar Review - Bar Review

Baylor L Rev - Baylor Law Review

BB&FLR - Butterworths Banking and Financial Law Review

BC Envtl Aff L Rev - Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review

BC Int'l & Comp L Rev - Boston College International and Comparative Law Review

BC L Rev - Boston College Law Review

BC Third World LJ - Boston College Third World Law Journal

BCC - British Company Cases

BCC - British company Law cases

BCLC - Butterworth's Company Law Cases

BCLR - British Columbia Law Reports

BDIL - British Digest of International Law

Ben File - Benefits File

BEQB - Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin

Berkeley J Emp & Lab L - Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law

Berkeley J Int'l L - Berkeley Journal of International Law

Berkeley Tech LJ - Berkeley Technology Law Journal

Berkeley Women's LJ - Berkeley Women's Law Journal

Bests Rev L/H - Best's Review Life/Health

Bests Rev P/C - Best's Review Property/Casualty

BH Eur Bus Brief - Boodle Hatfield European Business Brief

BHRC - Butterworths Human Rights Cases

BIFD - Bulletin for International Fiscal Documentation

BILAJ - British Insurance Law Association Journal

BILC - British International Law Cases

Bileta News - Bileta Newsletter

BJ Crim - British Journal of Criminology

BJAL - British Journal of Administrative Law

BJIB&FL - Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law

BJIR - British Journal of Industrial Relations

BJLS - British Journal of Law and Society

BL - Business Lawyer

BLE - Business Law Europe

BLG Ins Law Q - Barlow Lyde and Gilbert Insurance Law Quarterly

BLGELR - Barlow Lyde and Gilbert Employment Law Review

BLGP&ERD - Barlow Lyde and Gilbert Pollution and Environmental Risk Digest

BLGR - Butterworths Local Government Reports

BLR or Bus LR - Business Law Review

BLR - Building Law Reports

BM&IA - Brokers' Monthly and Insurance Adviser

BMCR - Butterworths Merger Control Review

BMLR - Butterworths Medico-Legal Reports

BNIL - British Journal of Northern Ireland Law

BOF - Back Office Focus

BPILS - Butterworths Personal Injury Litigation Service

BPIR - Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Reports

BPL - British Pension Lawyer

BR or B/R - Bankruptcy

Bracton LJ - Bracton Law Journal

Brandeis LJ - Brandeis Law Journal

Brit J Criminol - British Journal of Criminology

Brook J Int'l L - Brooklyn Journal of International Law

Brook L Rev - Brooklyn Law Review

BS - Balance Sheet

BSEU Bull - Beachcroft Stanleys EU Bulletin

BSLR - BIO-Science Law Review

BT - Banking Technology

BTC - British Tax Cases

BTLC - Butterworths' Trading Law Cases

BTR - British Tax Review

BU Int'l LJ - Boston University International Law Journal

BU Pub Int LJ - Boston University Public Interest Law Journal

Buff Crim L Rev - Buffalo Criminal Law Review

Buff Envtl LJ - Buffalo Environmental Law Journal

Buff Hum Rts L Rev - Buffalo Human Rights Law Review

Buff L Rev - Buffalo Law Review

Buff Pub Interest LJ - Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal; In the Public Interest

Buff Women's LJ - Buffalo Women's Law Journal

Build LM - Building Law Monthly

Build LR - Building Law Reports

BUL Rev - Boston University Law Review

Bull EC - Bulletin of the European Communities

Bull Med E - Bulletin of Medical Ethics

Bus Ins - Business Insurance

Bus Law - Business Lawyer

Bus Risk - Business Risk

Bus TP - Business Tax Planning

BW - Banking World

BYBIL or BYIL - British Yearbook of International Law

BYU Educ & LJ - Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal

BYU J Pub L - BYU Journal of Public Law

BYU L Rev - Brigham Young University Law Review