Legal Terms & Abbreviations

Explore these commonly used abbreviations of legal terminology which include legal citations, legal words and legal jargon found when reading legal acts, law books, documents and legal forms page A.
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    A 2d  -  Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series.
    A&B  -  Accounting and Business.
    A&BR  -  Accounting and Business Research.
    A&OP&ELU  -  Allen and Overy Pensions and Employment Law Update.
    A&SL  -  Air and Space Law.
    A-G  -  Attorney-General.
    A  -  Atlantic Reporter. (USA)
    AA&L  -  Art Antiquity and Law.
    AALR  -  Anglo-American Law Review.
    ABLR  -  Australian Business Law Review.
    ABT Bull  -  Association of Banking Teachers Bulletin.
    AC or App Cas  -  Appeal Cases. (Law Reports.)
    ACD  -  Administrative Court Digest. (Formerly Crown Office Digest COD.)
    ACL Rev  -  Asian Commercial Law Review.
    ADIL  -  Annual Digest and Reports of Public International Law Cases.
    ADRLJ  -  Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Law Journal.
    ADRLN  -  Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Law Newsletter.
    AELN  -  Alliance Environmental Law News.
    AFI  -  Asset Finance International.
    AG  -  Advocate General.
    AI&L  -  Artificial Intelligence and Law.
    AIB Review  -  Allied Irish Banks Review.
    AIDA PIB  -  AIDA Pollution Insurance Bulletin.