Legal abbreviations - A

These commonly used abbreviations of legal terminology which include legal citations, legal words and legal jargon found when reading legal acts, law books, documents and legal forms.
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A&B. - Accounting and Business.
A&BR. - Accounting and Business Research.
A&OP&ELU. - Allen and Overy Pensions and Employment Law Update.
A&SL. - Air and Space Law.
A 2d. - Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series.
A. - Atlantic Reporter. (USA)
AA&L. - Art Antiquity and Law.
AALR. - Anglo-American Law Review.
ABLR. - Australian Business Law Review.
ABT Bull. - Association of Banking Teachers Bulletin.
AC or App Cas. - Appeal Cases. (Law Reports.)
Accountancy Irl. - Accountancy Ireland.
ACD. - Administrative Court Digest. (Formerly Crown Office Digest COD.)
ACL Rev. - Asian Commercial Law Review.
Acquisitions M. - Acquisitions Monthly.
Ad & Fos. - Adoption and Fostering.
Ad & Mar L&P. - Advertising and Marketing Law and Practice.
Ad & Mar LL. - Advertising and Marketing Law Letter.
ADIL. - Annual Digest and Reports of Public International Law Cases.
Admin L Rev. - Administrative Law Review.
Admin LR. - Administrative Law Reports.
ADRLJ. - Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Law Journal.
ADRLN. - Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Law Newsletter.
AELN. - Alliance Environmental Law News.
AFI. - Asset Finance International.
Afr-Am L & Pol'y Rep. - African-American Law and Policy Report.
Agri Law. - Agricultural Law.
AI&L. - Artificial Intelligence and Law.
AIB Review. - Allied Irish Banks Review.
AIDA PIB. - AIDA Pollution Insurance Bulletin.
AIIJ. - Australian Insurance Institute Journal.
AIR. - Asia Insurance Review.
AJCL. - American Journal of Comparative Law.
AJFL. - Australian Journal of Family Law.
AJIL. - American Journal of International Law.
AJIL. - Journal African De Droit International.
Akron L Rev. - Akron Law Review.
Akron Tax J. - Akron Tax Journal.
Ala Admin Code. - Alabama Administrative Code.
Ala Code. - Code of Alabama 1975.
Ala L Rev. - Alabama Law Review.
Alaska Admin Code. - Alaska Administrative Code.
Alaska L Rev. - Alaska Law Review.
Alaska Stat. - Alaska Statutes.
Alb LJ Sci & Tech. - Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology.
ALJ. - Australian Law Journal.
ALJR. - Australian Law Journal Reports.
All ER (Comm). - All England Law Reports. (Commercial Cases.)
All ER (D). - All England Digest.
All ER (EC). - All England Law Reports. (European Cases.)
All ER or AER. - All England Law Reports.
All ER Rev. - All England Law Reports Annual Review.
ALM Brief. - Association of Lloyd's Members Briefing.
ALM News. - Association of Lloyd's Members News.
ALMD. - Australian Legal Monthly Digest.
ALQ. - Arab Law Quarterly.
ALR 2d. - American Law Reports, 2nd Series.
ALR 3d. - American Law Reports, 3rd Series.
ALR 4th. - American Law Reports, 4th Series.
ALR 5th. - American Law Reports, 5th Series.
ALR 6th. - American Law Reports, 6th Series.
ALR Fed. - American Law Reports, Federal.
ALR. - American Law Reports.
ALR. - Australian Law Reports.
Am Bankr Inst L Rev. - American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review.
Am Crim L Rev. - American Criminal Law Review.
Am Indian L Rev. - American Indian Law Review.
Am J Comp L. - American Journal of Comparative Law.
Am J Crim L. - American Journal of Criminal Law.
Am J Legal Hist. - American Journal of Legal History.
Am J Tax Pol'y. - American Journal of Tax Policy.
Am J Trial Advoc. - American Journal of Trial and Advocacy.
Am JL & Med. - American Journal of Law and Medicine.
Am Jur 2d. - American Jurisprudence, 2nd Series.
Am Jur. - American Jurisprudence.
Am Rev Int'l Arb. - American Review of International Arbitration.
Am U Int'l L Rev. - American university International Law Review.
Am U J Gender & L. - American university Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law.
Am U L Rev. - American university Law Review.
Amex BR. - Amex Bank Review.
Anglo-Am LR. - Anglo-American Law Review.
Animal L. - Animal Law.
Ann Rev Banking L. - Annual Review of Banking Law.
Ann Surv Am L. - Annual Survey of American Law.
Ann Surv Int'l & Comp L. - Annual Survey of International and Comparative Law.
Annals Health L. - Annals of Health Law.
APJEL. - Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law.
APLR. - Asia Pacific Law Review.
App Cas or AC. - Appeal Cases. (Law Reports.)
App Comp & Comm L. - Applied Computer and Communications Law.
AR. - Alberta Reports. (1977-)
Arb LM. - Arbitration Law Monthly.
Arbitration Int. - Arbitration International.
Arch News. - Archbold News.
Ariz Admin Code. - Arizona Administrative Code.
Ariz Admin Reg. - Arizona Administrative Register.
Ariz J Int'l & Comp L. - Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law.
Ariz L Rev. - Arizona Law Review.
Ariz Rev Stat. - Arizona Revised Statutes.
Ariz St LJ. - Arizona State Law Journal.
Ark Code. - Arkansas Code.
Ark L Rev. - Arkansas Law Review.
Art. - Article.
Asia Pac J Envtl L. - Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law.
Asian LJ. - Asian Law Journal.
Ass. - Assurances.
Astin Bull. - Astin Bulletin.
ATC. - Annotated Tax Cases.
ATR. - Australian Tax Review.
Austl J Asian L. - Australian Journal of Asian Law.
Aviation IR. - Aviation Insurance Report.
AVMA M&LJ. - Action for Victims of Medical Accidents Medical and Legal Journal.
AVMA. - Action for Victims of Medical Accidents.
AWEC News. - Alsop Wilkinson EC Newsletter.