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These Latin love sayings and Latin love phrases are from our inspiring Latin love collection.
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Ego mos diligo vos pro totus vicis - I will love you for all time.

Eis quos amo vivo - I live for those I love.

Es, eras, eris semper amor meus in aeternum - You are, you were, you'll always be, my love eternally.

Est rosa flos Veneris cujus quo furta laterent - The discourses of the table among true loving friends are held in strict silence. - Browne

Est vere amor quod tibi opus est - All you need is love. - John Lennon

Estuat ingens Imo in corde pudor, mixtoque insania luctu, Et Furiis agitatus amor, et conscia virtus - Fierce boils in every vein Indignant shame and passion blind, The tempest of a lover's mind, The soldier's high disdain. - Virgil [Publius Vergilius Maro]

Et magnas et parvas omnes ama creaturas - Love all creatures great and small.

Etiam in morte, perdurat amor - In death, love prevails.

Etiam in morte, superest amor - In death, love survives.

Ex amor fortitudo - Strength Through Love.

Extinctus amabitur idem - The same (hated) man will be loved after he's dead. (How quickly we forget) - Horace [Quintus Horacius Flaccus]

Fabulae amatoriae - Love stories. (Often with tragic plots)

Fas animi affectus erga te deinde fateri, Nunc mea qua noscas ora venire pudet - Then may I dare to boast how I do love thee; Till then, not show my head where thou mayst prove me. - William Shakespeare

Felices ter et amplius Quos irrupta tenet copula, nee, malis Divulsus quserimoniis, Suprema citius solvet amor die - Happy, happy, happy they Whose living love, untroubled by all strife Binds them till the last sad day, Nor parts asunder but with parting life! - Horace [Quintus Horacius Flaccus]

Felix se nescit amari - The prosperous man is never sure that he is loved for himself. - Lucan [Marcus Annaeus Lucanus]

Ferrea non venerem sed praedam saecula laudant - The iron age celebrates not love but the acquisition of material possessions.

Fide et amor - Faithfully and lovingly.

Finis vitae sed non amoris - The end of life but not of love.

Fortuna ssevo Iseta negotio, et Ludum insoleutem ludere pertinax, Transmutat incertos honores, Nunc mihi, nunc aliis benigna - Fortune, who loves her cruel game, Still bent upon some heartless whim, Shifts her caresses, fickle dame, Now kind to me, and now to him. - Horace [Quintus Horacius Flaccus]

Fugere pudor, verumque, fidesque: In quorum subiere locum fraudesque dolique, Insidiseque, et vis, et amor sceleratus habendi - The Iron Age. Truth, Modesty, and Faith have fled; Deceit and Fraud appear instead: And Treachery and Force succeed And the accursed Love of Greed. - Ovid [Publius Ovidius Naso]