Latin Mottos & Maxims

Enjoy over 1500 Latin mottos, Latin maxims and Latin phrases with English translations to explore.
A motto (usually in Latin) is a phrase, sentence, or word expressing a principle or ideal of a person or an organisation.
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  1. A mari usque ad mare  -  From sea to sea. (Canada)
  2. Academiae Capitalis Sigillum  -  The Seal of Capital Academy. (Capital University, Columbus, OH)
  3. Acta Non Verba  -  Acts Not Words. (United States Merchant Marine Academy)
  4. Actibus immensis urbs fulget Massiliensis  -  By her great deeds, Marseille shines in the world. (Marseille)
  5. Ad Astra Per Aspera  -  Through Adversity To the Stars. (Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC)
  6. Ad Astra Per Aspera  -  To the stars through difficulties. (Dr Challoner's Grammar School)
  7. Ad Astra Per Scientia  -  To the Stars Through Knowledge. (Florida Institute of Technology, Jensen Beach, FL)
  8. Ad Astra  -  To the Stars. (Portuguese Open University)
  9. Ad Dei Gloriam  -  To the Glory of God. (St. Stephen's College, Delhi)
  10. Ad Destinatum Persequor  -  I pursue destiny. (I pursue toward that which is resolved.) (University of Pretoria)
  11. Ad Docendum Investigandum Serviendum  -  To Teach, Investigate, Serve. (Wright State University, Dayton, OH)
  12. Ad Humanitatem  -  For Humanity. (Hartford University)
  13. Ad Inspirandum Aspiramus  -  Aspire to inspire. (University of Worcester)
  14. Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam  -  For the greater glory of God. (Loyola University Chicago)