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Joseph P. Martino quotes

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Joseph P. Martino (1937~) American poet, author

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Injustice breeds contempt, out of which all revolution is born. - Joseph P. Martino

Don't attempt to attain success at any and all costs, the price may prove to high. - Joseph P. Martino

A calendar is the most useless of things to the un-ambitious who have neither desire or have never set a timetable to attain and achieve any goal in life. - Joseph P. Martino

Contempt is born of injustice and is the father of all revolution. - Joseph P. Martino

The difference between the successful person and the unsuccessful person is the unsuccessful person stops short of his goals, the successful person surpasses his goals. - Joseph P. Martino

The vision-ally challenged person senses what the sighted can only imagine. - Joseph P. Martino

More people are imprisoned by the self-imposed limitations of their mind, than by the limitations of any prison cell. - Joseph P. Martino

There is no such thing as boredom for the person who cultivates, trains and develops his mind, to act and serve, as his own personal playground. - Joseph P. Martino

The successful person goes the 'extra mile,' the failure never reaches the 'mid-way' point. - Joseph P. Martino

They who refuse and fail to 'bend' their 'knees' in prayer, will eventually be condemned to 'supplicate' and 'prostrate' themselves before god's throne on judgment day. - Joseph P. Martino