Iris Murdoch (1919-1999) English novelist, philosopher

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Literature could be said to be a sort of disciplined technique for arousing certain emotions. - Iris Murdoch
The absolute yearning of one human body for another particular body and its indifference to substitutes is one of life's major mysteries. - Iris Murdoch
One doesn't have to get anywhere in a marriage. It's not a public conveyance. - Iris Murdoch
Art is a kind of artificial memory and the pain which attends all serious art is a sense of that factitiousness. - Iris Murdoch
Being good is just a matter of temperament in the end. - Iris Murdoch
We need a moral philosophy in which the concept of love, so rarely mentioned now by philosophers, can once again be made central. - Iris Murdoch
Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out. - Iris Murdoch
I daresay anything can be made holy by being sincerely worshipped. - Iris Murdoch
Human affairs are not serious, but they have to be taken seriously. - Iris Murdoch