Guilt quotes & sayings

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Let never man be bold enough to say, Thus, and no farther shall my passion stray: The first crime, past, compels us into more, And guilt grows fate, that was but choice, before. (Athelwold, Act V) - Aaron Hill

Be this thy brazen bulwark, to keep a clear conscience, and never turn pale with guilt. [La., Hic murus aeneus esto, Nil conscire sibi, nulla pallescere culpa] - Horace [Quintus Horacius Flaccus]

Sin, guilt, neurosis - they are one and the same, the fruit of the tree of knowledge. - Henry V. Miller

Blest tears of soul-felt penitence! In whose benign, redeeming flow Is felt the first, the only sense Of guiltless joy that guilt can know. - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

The only art her guilt to cover, To hide her shame from every eye, To give repentance to her lover, And wring his bosom, is, to die. - Oliver Goldsmith

Where all are guilty, no one is; confessions of collective guilt are the best possible safeguard against the discovery of culprits, and the very magnitude of the crime the best excuse for doing nothing. - Hannah Arendt

Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery. - Jane Austen

O, white innocence, That thou shoulds't wear the mask of guilt to hide Thine awful and serenest countenance From those who know thee not! - Percy Bysshe Shelley

Father of Light! great God of Heaven! Hear'st thou the accents of despair? Can guilt like man's be e'er forgiven? Can vice atone for crimes by prayer? - Lord Byron

Cruel with guilt, and daring with despair, the midnight murderer bursts the faithless bar; invades the sacred hour of silent rest and leaves, unseen, a dagger in your breast. - Samuel Johnson