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Firmness quotes & sayings

These firmness quotes and firmness sayings are from our famous and inspiring quotes collection.

It is only persons of firmness that can have real gentleness. Those who appear gentle are, in general, only a weak character, which easily changes into asperity. - Francois de la Rochefoucauld

The greatest firmness is the greatest mercy. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Real firmness is good for anything; strut is good for nothing. - Alexander Hamilton

When firmness is sufficient, rashness is unnecessary. - Napoleon Bonaparte

Firmness of purpose is one of the most necessary sinews of character, and one of the best instruments of success. Without it genius wastes its efforts in a maze of inconsistencies. - Lord Chesterfield

Deliberate with caution, but act with decision; and yield with graciousness, or oppose with firmness. - Publius [Publilius Syrus]

I hope I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an 'Honest Man. - George Washington

Firmness in enduring and exertion is a character I always wish to possess. I have always despised the whining yelp of complaint and cowardly resolve. - Robert Burns

Judge of thine improvement, not by what thou speakest or writest, but by the firmness of thy mind, and the government of thy passions and affections. - Thomas Fuller