English Latin Proverbs & Sayings – 1

Enjoy our English Latin proverbs and English Latin sayings page 1 from our inspirational collection.
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Savory seasonings stimulate the appetite. [La., Acriora orexim excitant embammata.]
A friend is another self. [La., Alter ipse amicus.]
I am not lost. [La., Neutiquam erro.]
Wrong use does not preclude proper use. [La., Abusus non tollit usum.]
A man disposed to every species of dissipation. [La., Ad omnem libidinem projectus homo.]
With yet stronger reason. [La., A fortiori.]
Hunger sweetens beans. [La., Fame indulcet fabam.]
Under the rose. [La., Sub Rosa.]
Reach for the heights. [La., Perveniet ad altitudinem.]
A voice and nothing besides. [La., Vox et praeterea nihil.]
Either conquer or die. [La., Aut vincere aut mori.]
The Roman conquered by delay. [La., Fabius Cunctator.]
To the point of making one sick. [La., Ad nauseam.]
At one's pleasure. [La., Ad libitum ('ad lib').]
A greedy mind is satisfied with no (amount of) gain. [La., Avarus animus nullo satiatur lucro.]