Emile Coue (1857-1926) French psychologist, pharmacist

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Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. (Coueism) - Emile Coue
In the conflict between the will and the imagination, the force of the imagination is in direct ratio to the square of the will. - Emile Coue
All that we think becomes true for us. We must not then allow ourselves to think wrongly. - Emile Coue
Imagination is the principal force of the human being and is the language of the unconscious mind. Once the imagination is employed for the benefit of ones psyche, there is no requirement for will power. - Emile Coue
You must put your trust in the imagination, not in the will. Think you are better and you will become so. - Emile Coue
When the will and the imagination are in alignment. They do not simply add to one another, they multiply one another - Emile Coue
All thoughts continue until they have been discharged by action, or changed by other thoughts. - Emile Coue
Imagination is more powerful than willpower. Everything that has been created by man, began as a thought, imagination. - Emile Coue
It is not the will but the imagination which is the principal force in the human being. - Emile Coue
Autosuggestion is an instrument that we possess at birth, and in this instrument, or rather in this force, resides a marvelous and incalculable power. - Emile Coue
Whenever there is a conflict between the imagination and the will, it is always the imagination that will win. - Emile Coue
You have been sowing bad seed in your Unconscious; now you will sow good seed. The power by which you have produced these ill effects will in future produce equally good ones. - Emile Coue
If you say 'I want to do something,' your imagination replies 'Oh, but you can't.' You must say 'I am going to do it,' and if it is in the region of the possible you will succeed. - Emile Coue