Cormac McCarthy (1933~) American novelist

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There is for a man two things in life that are very important, head and shoulders above everything else. Find work you like, and find someone to live with you like. Very few people get both. - Cormac McCarthy
Words pale and lose their savor while pain is always new. (The Crossing) - Cormac McCarthy
For me the world has always been more of a puppet show. But when one looks behind the curtain and traces the strings upward he finds they terminate in the hands of yet other puppets, themselves with their own strings which trace upward in turn, and so on. In my own life I saw these strings whose origins were endless enact the deaths of great men in violence and madness. Enact the ruin of a nation. (All The Pretty Horses) - Cormac McCarthy
You forget what you want to remember, and you remember what you want to forget. (The Road) - Cormac McCarthy
How does a man decide in what order to abandon his life? (No Country For Old Men) - Cormac McCarthy
Things separate from their stories have no meaning. They are only shapes. Of a certain size and color. A certain weight. When their meaning has become lost to us they no longer have even a name. The story on the other hand can never be lost from its place in the world for it is that place. (The Crossing) - Cormac McCarthy
If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule? (No Country For Old Men) - Cormac McCarthy
If there's one thing on this planet you don't look like it's a bunch of good luck walkin around. (No Country For Old Men) - Cormac McCarthy
He didn't say a lot so I tend to remember what he did say. And I don't remember that he had a lot of patience with havin to say things twice so I learned to listen the first time. (No Country For Old Men) - Cormac McCarthy