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Contemplation quotes & sayings

These contemplation quotes and contemplation sayings are from our famous and inspiring quotes collection.
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The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation. The hand is the cutting edge of the mind. - Diane Arbus

He had read much, if one considers his long life; but his contemplation was much more than his reading. He was won't to say that if he had read as much as other men he should have known no more than other men. - John Aubrey

That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful. - Edgar Allan Poe

The contemplation of truth and beauty is the proper object for which we were created, which calls forth the most intense desires of the soul, and of which it never tires. - William Hazlitt

If you are of the opinion that the contemplation of suicide is sufficient evidence of a poetic nature, do not forget that actions speak louder than words. - Fran Lebowitz

Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to contemplation of the truth. - Pope John Paul II

The mind still longs for what it has missed, and loses itself in the contemplation of the past. - Periander

Comfort: A state of mind produced by contemplation of a neighbor's uneasiness. (The Devil's Dictionary) - Ambrose Bierce

As it is better to give than to receive, so it is better to share the fruit of one's contemplation than merely to contemplate. - Saint Thomas Aquinas