Latin terms and abbreviations (A)

Over 700 Latin terms and Latin abbreviations with English translations to explore. Abbreviations in writing is the practice of shortening a word or phrase. Abbreviations began to proliferate in the 19th century, to their almost invasive usage today.
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  1. Ab urbe condita. (AUC) - From the foundation of the city. (Rome's traditional date of foundation is 753BC.)
  2. Ad libitum. (ad lib.) - At one's pleasure.
  3. Ad locum. (ad loc.) - At the place. (A specific location.)
  4. Ad valorem. (Ad val.) - According to the value.
  5. Aetatis. (ae., aet., aetat.) - Of age, aged, at the age of. (As on portraits.)
  6. Alma Urbs. (AU) - Beloved City. (i.e., Rome.)
  7. Anima Quiescat In Christo. (AQIC) - May his (or her) Soul Repose in Christ.
  8. Anno. (an.) - Year.
  9. Anno Domini. (AD) - In the year of the Lord.
  10. Anno Hegirae. (AH) - In the year of the Hegira. (Islamic calendar.)
  11. Anno Martis. (AM) - In the year of Mars. (Darian calendar.)
  12. Anno Mundi. (AM) - In the year of the world. (Jewish calendar.)
  13. Anno Regni. (AR) - In the year of the reign.
  14. Anno Reparatae Salutis. (ARS) - In the year of Our Redemption.
  15. Anno urbis conditae. (AUC) - From the year of the founding of the city. (Rome)
  16. Ante Christum. (AC) - Before Christ.
  17. Ante Christum Natum. (ACN) - Before the birth of Christ.
  18. Ante meridiem. (AM) - Before midday.
  19. Ante mortem. (AM) - Before death.
  20. Auditor Camerae. (AC) - Auditor of the Papal Treasury.