Latin abbreviations

Over 700 Latin abbreviations with English translations to explore. Abbreviations in writing is the practice of shortening a word or phrase. Abbreviations began to proliferate in the 19th century, to their almost invasive usage today.
Ab urbe condita (AUC) - From the foundation of the city (Rome's traditional date of foundation is 753BC)

Ad libitum (ad lib.) - At one's pleasure

Ad locum (ad loc.) - At the place, at a specific location

Ad valorem (Ad val.) - According to the value

Aetatis (ae., aet., aetat.) - Of age, aged, at the age of (As on portraits)

Alma Urbs (AU) - Beloved City (i.e., Rome)

Anima Quiescat In Christo (AQIC) - May his (or her) Soul Repose in Christ

Anno (an.) - Year

Anno Domini (AD) - In the year of the Lord

Anno Hegirae (AH) - In the year of the Hegira (Islamic calendar)

Anno Martis (AM) - In the year of Mars (Darian calendar)

Anno Mundi (AM) - In the year of the world (Jewish calendar)

Anno Regni (AR) - In the year of the reign

Anno Reparatae Salutis (ARS) - In the year of Our Redemption

Anno urbis conditae (AUC) - From the year of founding of the city (Rome)

Ante Christum (AC) - Before Christ

Ante Christum Natum (ACN) - Before the birth of Christ

Ante meridiem (AM) - Before midday

Ante mortem (AM) - Before death

Artium Baccalaureus (AB) - Bachelor of Arts

Artium Magister (MA) - Master of Arts

Auditor Camerae (AC) - Auditor of the Papal Treasury

Baccalaureus Artium (BA) - Bachelor of Arts

Baccalaureus Civilis (or Canonicae) Legis (BCL) - Bachelor of Civil (or Canon) Law

Baccalaureus Divinitatis (BD) - Bachelor of Divinity

Baccalaureus Legum (BL) - Bachelor of Law

Baccalaureus Lit(t)erarum (B.Lit.) - Bachelor of Literature or Letters

Baccalaureus Medicinae (BM) - Bachelor of Medicine

Baccalaureus Musicae (B.Mus.) - Bachelor of Music

Baccalaureus Philosophiae (B.Phil.) - Bachelor of Philosophy

Baccalaureus Scientiae (BS., B.Sc.) - Bachelor of Science

Baccalaureus Theologiae (BT) - Bachelor of Theology

Baccalaureus Utriusque Juris (BUJ) - Bachelor of Both Laws (i.e., Civil and Canon)

Beata Virgo (BV) - Blessed Virgin

Beata Virgo Maria (BVM) - Blessed Virgin Mary

Beatae Mariae Virginis Honore (BVMH) - To the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Beatissime Pater (BP) - Most Holy Father

Beatitudo Vestra (BV) - Your Holiness

Bene Merenti (B., BMT) - To the Well-Deserving (Success to those who deserve it)

Bene Quiescat (BQ) - May he or she Rest Well

Bibas (for Vivas) In Christo (BIC) - May you Live In Christ

Bona Fide (BF) - In good faith, genuine, legitimate

Bonae Feminae (BF) - To the Good Woman

Bonae Memoriae (Bon. Mem. BM) - Of Happy Memory

Causa Mortis (CM) - Cause of death, an anticipation of death

Circa (ca., cir., circ.) - About, approximately

Clarissima Femina (CF) - Most Illustrious Woman

Clarissima Puella (CP) - Most Illustrious Maiden

Clarissimi Viri (CC. VV) - Illustrious Men

Clarissimus Vir (Cl. V) - Most Illustrious Man

Confoederatio Helvetica (CH) - Helvetian Confederation (The official name of Switzerland)

Conjugi (COI) - To my Husband or Wife

Conjugi Optimo (CO) - To my Excellent Husband

Consules (CC., COSS) - Consuls

Cras vespere (CV) - Tomorrow evening

Cum (C) - With

Cum Omnibus Bonis Quiescat (COBQ) - May he or she Repose With All Good souls

Curatus (CC) - Curate (Used chiefly in Ireland)

Curriculum vitae (CV) - The course of one's life; an academic resume

Decanus Ruralis (DR) - Rural Dean

Decessit sine prole (DSP) - Died without issue/children

Dedit, Dedicavit (DD) - Gave, Dedicated

Dei Gratia (DG) - By the grace of God

Deo gratias (DG) - (We give) thanks to God

Deo volente (DV) - God (being) willing (Virgil)

Depositus (D., DEP) - Laid to rest

Diis Manibus (DM) - To the Manes (of)

Diis Manibus Sacrum (DMS) - Sacred to the Manes (of)

Divinitatis Doctor (DD) - Doctor of Divinity

Doctor Civilis (or Canonicae) Legis (DCL) - Doctor of Civil (or Canon) Law

Doctor Divinitatis (DD) - Doctor of Divinity (i.e., Theology)

Doctor Litterarum (D.Lit.) - Doctor of Literature

Doctores (DD) - Doctors

Domino Nostro (DN) - To Our Lord

Dominus (D, DN, DNS, DNUS) - Lord

Dominus Noster (DN) - Our Lord

Dominus Noster Jesus Christus (DNJC) - Our Lord Jesus Christ

Donum dedit; Dedicavit (DD) - Gave, Dedicated

Dormit In Pace (DIP) - Sleeps in Peace

Elizabeth Regina/Eduardus Rex (ER) - Queen Elizabeth/King Edward

Et alia; et alii (et al.) - And other things; and other people

Et cetera/etcetera (etc.) - And the rest; and so forth

Ex Testamento (EX. TM) - In accordance with the Testament of

Ex Voto (EV) - From the vow; In fulfilment of a vow

Exempli Gratia (EG) - For (the sake of an) example

Fecit (fec.) - Made by

Fieri Curavit (FC) - Caused to be made

Fieri Fecit (FF) - Caused to be made

Filii (FF) - Sons

Filius (F) - A son, Son of

Foliis (ff.) - On the (following) pages

Fratres (FF) - Brothers

Haeres (H) - Heir

Hic iacet sepultus (HJS) - Here lies buried

Hic jacet (HJ) - Here lies (Written on gravestones or tombs)

Hic requiescit in pace (HRIP) - Here rests in peace

Hic Situs (HS) - Laid Here

Hoc Loco Situs (HLS) - Laid (or Put) in This Place

Hoc Monumentum Fieri Fecit (HMFF) - Caused This Monument to be Made

Honoris causa (HC) - For the sake of honor (As in doctorate, an honorary degree)

Ibidem (Ib., ibid.) - In the same place (Usually in bibliographic citations)

Id est (ie.) - That is

Idem (Id.) - The same

Idem quod (IQ) - The same as

Idibus (ID) - On the Ides

Iesus Hominum Salvator (IHS) - Jesus Saviour of Men

Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (INRI) - Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews (INRI was written on the cross)

Ignis natura renovatur integra (INRI) - Through fire nature is reborn whole

Ignotus (ign.) - Unknown

Imperator (Imp.) - Emperor

Imperatrix (Imp.) - Empress

In Bono (INB) - In Good (odour)

In pace (INP) - In peace

In partibus infidelium (IPI) - In parts inhabited by unbelievers (Infidels)

Jesus (IC) - First and third letters of His name in Greek

Jesus Christus (JC) - Jesus Christ

Jesus, Maria, Joseph (JMJ) - Jesus, Mary, Joseph

Juris Canonici Doctor, Juris Civilis Doctor (JCD) - Doctor of Canon Law, Doctor of Civil Law

Juris Doctor (JD) - Doctor of Law

Juris Utriusque Doctor (JUD) - Doctor of Both Laws (Civil and Canon)

Juris Utriusque Licentiatus (JUL) - Licentiate of Both Laws

Jus Liberorum Habens (ILH) - Possessing the Right of Children (i.e., Eligibility to public office under age)

Karissimo Bene Merenti (KBM) - To the Most Dear and Well-deserving

Lectori Salutem (LS) - Greetings to the reader

Legis Civilis Docto (LCD) - Doctor of Civil Law

Libra (lb.) - Pound, in weight or money

Libra solidus denarius (LSD) - Pounds, shillings, pence

Litterarum Humaniorum Doctor (LHD) - Doctor of Literature

Loco citato (L.c., loc. cit.) - In the place cited

Loco Sigilli (LS) - Place of the Seal

Locus Monumenti (LM) - Place of the Monument

Locus Sepulchri (LS) - Place of the Sepulchre

Locus sigilli (LS) - The place of the seal

Magister Artium (MA) - Master of arts

Manu propria (MP) - With (one's) own hand (Signed by one's hand)

Medicinae Doctor (MD) - Doctor of Medicine

Meridies (M.) - Midday

Missionarius Apostolicus (Miss. Apost., MA) - Missionary Apostolic

Missionarius Rector (MR) - Missionary Rector

Modus operandi (MO) - Method of operating; Method of work

Monumentum Posuit (MP) - Erected a Monument

Mutatur terminatio versiculi (MTV) - The termination of the little verse is changed

Nativitas Domini Nostri Jesu Christi (Nativ. DNJC) - Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Nisi Prisus (NP) - No protest

Nomen nescio (NN) - Name unknown (I do not know the name, implying an unknown person)

Non fui, fui, non sum, non curo (NFFNSNC) - I was not, I was, I am not, I don't care (Found on tombstones)

Non Repetatur (NR) - Do not repeat

Nostra Domina, Notre Dame (ND) - Our Lady

Nota Bene (NB) - Note well, observe carefully

Notre Seigneur, Nostro Signore (NS) - Our Lord

Novum Testamentum (NT) - New Testament

Numero (No.) - By number

Obiit (ob.) - He or she died

Obiter (ob.) - In passing

Opere citato (op. cit.) - In the work (cited) just quoted

Parochus (PP) - Parish Priest (Used mostly in Ireland)

Pax Tibi Cum Sanctis (PTCS) - Peace to Thee With the Saints

Per annum (PA., Per an.) - Yearly. By the year

Per centum (Per cent.) - Per hundred

Per diem (PD) - Per day, daily allowance

Per procurationem (per pro.) - By delegation to

Permanens Rector (PR) - Permanent Rector

Philosophiae Doctor (Ph. D.) - Doctor of Philosophy

Piae Memoriae (PM) - Of Pious Memory

Plus Minus (PM) - More (or) Less

Poni Curavit (PC) - Caused to be Placed

Poni Jussit (PI) - Ordered to be Placed

Post Consulatum (PC., P. CONS) - After the Consulate

Post meridiem (p.m.) - After midday

Post meridiem (PM) - After midday

Post mortem (PM) - After death (Nowadays, the autopsy is performed by a coroner)

Post scriptum (PS) - Written later; A postscript

Pro tempore (pro tem.) - For the time being (Temporarily)

Propria manu (PM) - By one's own hand

Propria Pecunia Posuit (PPP) - Erected at his own expense

Proximo mense (Prox.) - Next month

Quae vide (qq.v.) - Which things see

Quam volueris (QV) - As much as wanted

Quasi (Q.) - As it were, almost

Qui Vixit (QV) - Who Lived

Quiescat In Pace (QIP) - May he or she Rest in Peace

Quod erat faciendum (QEF) - Which was to be done

Quod vide (QV) - See this thing

Qvod erat demonstrandum (QED) - (That) which has been demonstrated (A statement of logical proof, especially in mathematics and law)

Qvod vive (QV) - Which see - a scholarly cross-reference

Recipe (Rx.) - Take

Regina, rex (R.) - Queen, King

Requiescat In Pace (RIP) - May he or she rest in peace

Reverendus Pater, Reverend Pere (RP) - Reverend Father

Sacra Congregatio (SC) - Sacred Congregation

Sacra Congregatio Concilii (SCC) - Sacred Congregation of the Council (i.e., of Trent)

Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide (SCPF) - Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith

Sacra Congregatio Indicis (SCI) - Sacred Congregation of the Index

Sacra Rituum Congregatio (SRC) - Sacred Congregation of Rites

Sacra Virgo (SV) - Holy Virgin

Sacrae Theologiae Baccalaureus (STB) - Bachelor of Sacred Theology

Sacrae Theologiae Licentiatus (STL) - Licentiate of Sacred Theology

Sacred Theologiae Doctor (STD) - Doctor of Sacred Theology

Sacrum Palatium Apostolicum (SPA) - Sacred Apostolic Palace, Vatican, Quirinal

Salvo errore et omissione (SEEO) - Except for errors and omissions (Appears on statements of 'account currents')

Salvo honoris titulo (SHT) - Excluding the title (Used in writings to unfamiliar persons, as an excuse for not using the correct title)

Sanctissime Pater (SP) - Most Holy Father

Sanctitas Vestra (SV) - Your Holiness

Scilicet (sc.) - That is to say

Secundum artem (SA) - According to art (With pharmaceutical skill)

Semel In Die (SID) - Once a day

Senatus Consultum (SC) - Decree of the Senate

Senatus Consultum Ultimum (SCU) - Final decree of the Senate (Martial law)

Senatus Populusque Romanus (SPQR) - The Senate and the Roman People (The Aristocrats and the Commoners)

Sepultus (SP) - Buried

Sequens (seq.) - The following (one)

Sequentia (seq., seqq.) - Following

Servus Dei (SD) - Servant of God

Si opus sit (SOS) - If there is need. if occasion require. if necessary

Si vales valeo (SVV) - If you are well, I am well (A common beginning for ancient Roman letters)

Sine anno (SA) - Without year (Used in bibliographies to indicate that the date of publication of a document is unknown)

Sine data (SD) - Undated book

Sine Die (SD) - Without a (set) day

Sine loco (SL) - Without indication of place of printing

Sine loco nec data (SLND) - Without indication of place or without date of printing

Sine nomine (SN) - Without name (Used in bibliographies to indicate that the publisher of a document is unknown)

Sine prole (SP) - Without issue

Sit tibi terra levis (STTL) - May the earth rest lightly on you (Gravestone inscription)

Spiritus In Deo (SID) - Spirit (rests) in God

Sub Verbo (SV) - Under the word

Sub voce (SV) - Under the voice

Subscripta (SSA) - Subscribed

Summus Pontifex (SP) - Supreme Pontiff, Pope

Talis (Tal.) - Of such

Ultimo (ult.) - Of the previous month

Ultimo mense (ult.) - Last month

Ut Dictum (ut dict., UD) - As directed

Ut supra (ut sup.) - As above

Varia lecto (VL) - Variant reading

Versus (Vs.) - Against

Vi coactus (VC) - On constrains (Used when forced to sign - or else)

Vicarius Generali (VG) - Vicar-General

Victoria Imperatrix Regina (VIR) - Victoria, Empress and Queen

Victoria Regina (VR) - Queen Victoria

Victoria Regina et Imperatrix (VRI) - Victoria, Queen and Empress

Vide Super (VS) - See above

Vir Bonus (VB) - A Good Man

Vir Clarissimus (VC) - A Most Illustrious Man

Vir Honestus (VH) - A Worthy Man

Vir Magnificus (VM) - Great Man

Vox populi (Vox pop.) - The voice of the people