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Cause quotes & sayings

These cause quotes and cause sayings are from our famous and inspiring quotes collection.
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Chance is a word void of sense; nothing can exist without a cause. - Voltaire

I'm a real rebel with a cause. - Nina Simone

He lives in fame that died in virtue's cause. - William Shakespeare

It is not permitted to the most equitable of men to be a judge in his own cause. - Blaise Pascal

He who is false to present duty breaks a thread in the loom, and will find the flaw when he may have forgotten its cause. - Henry Ward Beecher

In all evils which admits a remedy, impatience should be avoided, because it wastes the time and attention in complaints which, if properly applied, might remove the cause. - Samuel Johnson

Thousands are hated, but none is ever loved without a real cause. - Johann Kaspar Lavater

No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his body, to risk his well-being, to risk his life, in a great cause. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is no good cause for religious persecution. No convert is true who comes to the faith through pain and fear. All persecution does is plant seeds of doubt amongst the hearts of the faithful as to the truth of their cause. - Graham Ericsson