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Booksellers abbreviations - T, U, V, W & Y

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TEG - Top Edge Gilt

Ties - Tapes or ribbons for tying the volume closed.

Tipped in - Lightly fixed in along one edge only, most often refers to illustrations.

TLS - Typed letter, signed.

Tooling - Decoration applied with a hand tool.

TP - Title Page.

Tree Calf - A highly polished calf binding with a distinctive tree-like wood veneer pattern.

TS - Typescript.

Unbound - Never having been bound. As opposed to Disbound.

Upper-case - A typesetting term that simply means capital letters.

V., VOL, VOLS - Volume/Volumes

Variant - Copies of the same impression exhibiting unexplained variations.
Vellum - A highly durable treated calf skin of a natural creamy colour.

Verso - Back of the leaf. The left hand page in an open book. The front of the leaf is the recto.

VG - Very Good.

Vignette - A small illustration enclosed in a formal or decorative border.

VY - Various years.

W/O - Without

WAF - With All Faults, sold 'as seen'.

Wraps - Paper covers.

Yapp - Style of binding with flaps that overlap the page edges. Named after the Victorian bookseller of that name, who in about 1860 made use of such a binding. Often he is attributed with the invention of this type of binding, however examples are known from the beginning of the seventeenth century.

Yellowbacks - Gaily coloured Victorian Books designed for display on railway bookstalls.