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Booksellers abbreviations - Q, R & S

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Quarter - A binding of which only the back strip or spine is of the specified material.

Quarto (4to) - A book, made up of sheets folded into quarters, (8 pages)

Quire - 4 sheets of paper folded to form 8 leaves, as often found in medieval manuscripts. Sometimes used to denote a collection of 24 sheets.

Rebacked - Where the back strip or spine has been replaced.

Recto - The front of the leaf, the right hand side in an open volume. The back of this is the verso.

Remainder - Publishers overstocks, sold off at a discount.

Remboitage - Rebinding, but by using an old binding from another book.

Reserve - The price below which an auctioneer will not sell.

RET - Returnable
RFEP - Rear free endpaper.

Roan - A thin sheepskin used for binding.

Rubricated - (i) Manuscript or early book with initials printed in red. (ii) Ruled in red for decoration.

Russia - A rich scented calf or cowhide, originating in Muscovy and popular in the 1800s.

Sextodecimo (16mo) - Small format book made from sheets folded four times to give 16 leaves (32 pages)

SGD - Signed

Signature - A section of the book resulting in the folding of the printed sheets a number of times.

SLC, SC - Slipcase

Slip Case - A (usually simple) open ended protective case.

Solander Box - Protective box carefully hinged to enable the contents to be viewed with the minimum of handling.

SP - Spelling

Spine - The part of the books cover or jacket that encloses its page fastening and usually faces outward on the shelf. Usually this displays the title, author's name and imprint.

Spiral Binding - A method of binding whereby a wire spiral is inserted through holes drilled into the margin of a sheet. This allows the volume to lie flat when opened.

Sprinkled - Patterned with small flecks or spots.

Square Bracketsb [] - Used to denote information supplied by the cataloguer.

State - (i) Variations between the different copies of the same impression. (ii) successive stages of the evolution of aprinting plate. (iii) Used, as in the physical appearance or condition.