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Booksellers abbreviations - J, K, L, M, N, O & P

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Japanese Vellum - Smooth yellowish hand made paper produced in Japan from the bark of the Mulberry.

Japon - Imitation Japanese Vellum.

Kraft Paper - Strong brown paper made from sulphate pulp. Often used for wrapping parcels.

Laid Down - Backed with a stronger paper, or other material.

Laid Paper - Paper which shows the characteristic parallel wire marks of early papers made by hand with a wire mesh tray.

Large Paper - Special paper that is larger (and usually better) than the rest of the edition.
Levant - A highly polished, loose grained Morocco.

Library Binding - A basic or plain binding used by libraries where continual usage may cause wear to the original binding.

Limited Edition - An edition that has a restricted print run, this limitation is usually expressed as a fraction.

Linson - Paper used in binding, often grained to look like cloth or leather.

LITHO - Lithograph

Lithograph - An image printed by lithography, a chemical method of printing (originally from stone) using the principle of the mutual repulsion of oil and water. Invented by Aloys Senefelder in 1798.

LTD ED - Limited Edition

Margin - The unprinted space between the text and the edge of the page.

Marginalia - Handwritten comments made in the margin.

Mezzotint - A distinctive form of engraving, richly black and textured, in which the plate is worked from dark to light.

Miniature - Used in this context to denote books below 2ins (or 5cm) high.

Misbound - Bound in the wrong order or place.

Monograph - A publication dealing with one single artist.

Morocco - An elegant and durable goatskin much used in bookbinding, originally imported from North Africa.

Ms., Mss - Manuscript, Manuscripts.

ND, n-d - No Date (usually of publication)

Niger - A soft goatskin with no pronounced grain.

NP, n-pl - Depending on context, either, No Publisher, No Printer, or No Place (of publication).

Oasis - A smooth African goatskin, tanned and dyed in the UK.

Oblong - Where a books height is exceeded by the width.

Octavo (8vo) - The most common of the traditional book formats, made up of sheets folded three times, giving eight leaves, or sixteen pages.

Offprint - A separately printed section of a book or publication, usually an individual article or essay.

Offsetting - A shadow of the print that has transferred to the facing page.

OP, OOP - Out-of-Print.

Pagination - The sequential numbering of pages.

Parchment - The dressed undersplit of sheepskin.

Parts - A once popular method of publishing, whereby a publication is issued in parts, intended to be bound together on completion.

Perfect Binding - A method of binding where the edge of loose sheets are dipped in adhesive and put in a cover, often in cheap paperbacks.

Plate - (i) An image printed separately from the text, often on different or higher quality paper. (ii) The printing plate from which an image is produced.

PP - Pages; p (and then the number) for page; /pp for pages - to

PPB, PB - Paperback

PPD - Postpaid

PR - Printing

Prelims - Preliminaries. All the pages (including title page, contents etc) preceding the actual text.

Presentation Copy - A gift from the author, illustrator, editor or publisher, often signed or inscribed.

Private Press - A traditional hand press owned and operated in the interests of fine printing. Today used as a term for very small, independent publishers.

PSEUD - Pseudonym

PUB - Published/publisher.